Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

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The Handles

Almost all the pressure cookers available in the market nowadays come with dual plastic and plastic covered handles which do not get heated. The major difference in pressure cooker designs available in the market is that some of them have a long handle to provide the ease of carrying them while others come with handles that can be folded away to store them easily. Both work totally the same.


What size to buy?

If you have a small or medium sized family, a pressure cooker of 6-or8-quart would be suitable for you, on the other hand, if you need a pressure cooker to prepare food for one or two persons a pressure cooker of 4-quart would suit you the most. If you require a canner or a big sized pressure cooker to prepare a whole turkey or recipes like that that, they may prove to be difficult for you to store them.


Spring Valve

You will require a spring valve if you’re utilizing a stove-top pressure cooker. These new spring valves are the latest pressure level controlling technology that is available in the market, the best thing about these valves is that they do not disturb the kitchen’s environment with irritating noises. Therefor it will be wise choice to choose a pressure cooker with a spring valve to minimize the utterly irritating noises and to get the best results.


Float valve

Float valves serve the same functions as a spring-valve, but float valves are used for electric pressure cookers. Float valves are just as quiet and energy saving as spring valves. Although the float valve doesn’t control the pressure levels of an electric pressure cooker because in electric pressure cookers there is no need of this function in them. Electric pressure cookers are equipped with auto heat regulators which adjust the heat.


No non-stick coatings

You should never opt for pressure cookers with non-stick coatings because they are scratched off very easily and they won’t be really useful whereas the only thing they’ll become is dangerous because scratched off aluminum can prove to be fatal when it comes in contact with your food.


Stainless Steel

The pressure cooker you choose should be made of stainless steel because if the cooker is made of cheap material it will also affect the taste of the food and it wouldn’t taste like it should. It causes major effects on the taste of acidic ingredients. Stainless steel pressure cookers are more reliable and safe to cook in. Therefor Stainless steel cookers are the best option to opt for while buying a pressure cooker.


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