Curling Wand Buying Guide

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Facts about types of curling wands

Curling iron is really a simple device used to curl your hair and you can opt for the two basic models: the spring and the clipless curling wand. In the spring kind, you just clamp hairnets right after rotating the barrel upward and release go. In the clipless kind, all you have to do is get a part of your hair, wrap it around the barrel and just slide the iron out and you will get a perfect bouncy curl!


Do you need a curling wand?

Fashion trends are not permanent but all through the years, curls never go out of style. The average woman spends hundreds of dollars annually going to hair salon and you are no exception! Expensive hairstyles can be avoided if you use new technology to come to your recue: one option is to buy a hair wand and learn how to use it.


Choosing the perfect curling iron

1. Correct size is really essential

When purchasing the best curling iron; you need to get the best capacity: buy a 2-inch diameter iron wand for large curves; and pick a rather smaller sized iron for soft waves.


2. Your type of hair

When you buy the best curling iron, consider different hair types; temperature is an important aspect. For hair that are thick and frizzy, increased temperature is needed for iron to reach approximately 410 degrees, however, if hair is normal, fragile or thin, the wand needs only to get up to 150 degrees.


3. Check for features

Essential features you need to look for are: the on/off button, the long swivel cord and a great temperature range.


4. Barrel for waves

The best choice is a ceramic barrel that is polished consisting of tourmaline for it reduces humidity without ruining newly-styled curls.


Proper way to use the curling wand

Your hair must be dry to start your curling iron; if your hair is newly washed, you can let it air dry or blow dry. Dirty hair actually holds curl better so if you can go 2-3 days without washing, do it! Then section off hair so that you can work with small pieces of hair at a time; curl your hair AWAY from your face while the iron points down when curling.

Wrap your hair from the root down while leaving some hair at the bottom out. The bigger the barrel creates the bigger & looser curls and the more quickly they will fall out. Allow your curls to cool before touching so that they can really set


Proper maintenance for hair wands

All you need to keep your curling iron free of residue is to take a dampened cloth and clean the barrel or styling plates till you’re satisfied. For extra cleansing power, simply add a little rubbing alcohol, or a touch of iron cleaner, to soak your hair curling wand.

Curls are trendy this time and most girls are eager to create the most natural looking curls. The solution to that issue is very simple, you just need to purchase hair wand from many beauty shops or online in big outlets like Amazon com.


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