Postal Scale Buying Guide

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Role of postal scale

Businesses whether online or offline always need to ship products. No 2 packages are identical so postal scales are necessary to weigh the product in order to obtain an estimate of the shipment fees. Any mistake will be a waste of time and money.


The greatest inconvenience is for you to post and send mail directly from your desk when your office is busy. With mail scales and meters, you can weigh packages, send letters and print postage to get those important invoices, collect payments and mailed daily correspondence without taking the time-consuming trip to the post office.


Tips for using postal scales

Tip 1: Be cautious with mechanical needles in manual postage scales. When using a manual scale, place the package on the platform and wait for the spring to adjust to the weight before reading the scale.


Tip 2: Be updated with changes in postal rate. Shipping rates are often changed so be sure to secure updated list showing all postal rates so postage is calculated correctly.


Tip 3: Opt for digital. The clear weight of the package, rounded up to several decimal points is provided by digital scales. They are not only easier to read but allow less possibility for human errors.


Tip 4: Choose the appropriate scale. Busy business mailrooms may benefit from the ability to use a programmable shipping scale. These digital scales calculate actual shipping cost and some definite qualities of package that show its destination, size and weight.


Tip 5: Capacity. When weighing parcels, you opt for a scale with wider platform and be accurate in weighing the package. Remember that a mistake means loss of money.


Tip 6: Shop Around. Compare the different rates of each carrier take advantage of promos or discounts. Programmed digital scales allow customers to compare shops and select which shipping method best approximates their demands.


Tip 7: Connect to a Postage Reader. When digital scales are directly connected to a postage reader, customers are allowed to weigh their packages, get rates from the reader, and print out their shipping labels.


Tip 8: Use a Password If the scale is mail scale has the ability to print out shipping labels. If charged to a master account; a password should be required to protect it.


Postal Scale Weight Capacity

Before you purchase your new scale, determine what type of weight capacity you need. A shipping scale for light industrial application handles up 400 pounds. A medium capacity scale accommodates 25 pounds of boxes that are moderately heavy. A digital scale with a limit of 5 to 10 pounds suffices for sending send bills, direct mail and contracts.


You can opt for a USPS scale. It features an energy saving auto shut off. It uses a single 9V battery and has a large LCD display for easy reading. Maybe USPS scale is what your need.


Postage scales have key roles in the process in any business. They are considered as cost effective for they pay for themselves as shipping scales that allow you to know how much the package weighs and the cost of its corresponding postage – a good way to save time and money.


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