Electric Griddle Buying Guide

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Types of electric griddle

Outdoor Electric Griddles are similar in many ways to traditional charcoal or propone grills, the main difference: it uses electricity to heat the grill. Indoor Electric Grill is specifically for indoor use and made for people with busy lifestyle who wants to heat their food, eat quickly and run.

Electric Griddles are flat and smooth and are more suited to making certain types of food as pancakes, French toast, eggs, and many others. Electric Smokers are special types of grills that cook at a slower pace any meat for the purpose of enhancing its flavor.


Facts you need to know before buying an electric griddle

1. Griddles have large cooking surface and ideal for a growing family that cooks large batches of food at the same time.

2. Since the heat is evenly distributed, you do not need to worry about one-half of your pancakes burning while the other is perfectly cooked.

3. Griddles are mostly non-stick to help lessen the fat that you use to cook. Some griddles have attached drip trays or grease wells used for collecting excess oil.

4. You can use your griddle and lessen your stove time as well. You can also cook using both, saving you more time.

5. Griddle’ warming function is a time saver where you can warm up some buns, muffins and even an entire meal including you plates!

6. Electric skillet is a good pan for frying and sautéing in the grill and can also brown meat nicely and deep fry. Accessories that come with electric skillet allow you to steam or grill.

7. Griddle Pan is great for getting the delicious flavor you can get from a grill just by using your stove top. Griddle pan provides a large cook surface that transfers heat evenly.


What to look for when buying an electric griddle

Buying the best electric griddle is easy. Just be sure that the surface needs to be non-stick. If you expect to cook large amount of food, then you might have to choose large griddles. There are grill inserts included as added features for some electric griddles. Some come with dual thermostats, keep warm functions, and the ability to cook 2 different dishes using different temperatures.


Budget is really important. You may also consider buying a model that comes with a drip tray or a grill well to catch all the excess fat that comes out during the cooking process. Choose the one that meets your budget and the features that you are looking for prices may vary – depending on the size and features of the model that you are buying.


Food cooking on a charcoal grill

Cook your barbecue in an electric bbq barbecue grill that cooks food by applying heat from below. Grills for barbecue fall into two categories: gas-fueled or charcoal. Cooks are debating on the best kind of fuel. With an electric bbq grill, you will have wonderful and quality time bonding with family and friends outdoor.


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