Compression Socks Buying Guide

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Who wears support stockings?

Compression socks are for people who have or are threatened with problems in circulation like sufferers of diabetes, DVT, varicose veins or those who had surgery. Other beneficiaries are the bedridden or lame and immobile having hard time using their legs, including those workers who are on their feet all day.

Compression socks also benefits men & women athletes, infanticipating women and people who spend stretches of time on high altitudes and flight as pilots and flight attendants.


Types of compression stockings

Support stockings aren’t only for the elderly anymore but those involved in all kinds of work. Medical need for compression hose will be measured for the correct size. Types include socks that are just below the knee, thigh high socks and full on tights. Those suffering with swelling throughout their entire legs must opt for longer pairs.

Socks should be tight, but not to the point of causing pain. The ones with lower numbers are designed to keep your feet comfortable and those with higher numbers provide more pressure.


About compression sleeves

Compression sleeves are worn at the arms to help your muscles recover from the previous activity. They have some great health benefits as: skin protection, helps blood circulation and regulates your body temperature. Aside from preventing muscle soreness, they help your injuries to heal quicker and muscles recover, Compression sleeves are great tools for athletes in their competitions and in life.


Care for compression socks

Always keep your compression hose clean by washing daily with mild soap and water; rinse and air dry. Better buy 2 pairs while you wear one pair each day and Wash and dry the other pair. Stocking replacement is every 3 to 6 months so that they maintain their support.


Support stockings for poor circulation

There are a number of culprits to blame when it comes to poor circulation, diabetes is the major one. Diabetics tend to suffer from blood glucose increase in their blood vessels, causing the narrowing of blood passageway to hinder blood to circulate through. Poor circulation is evident when ankles. Feet and legs start swelling.


How to use Compression Stockings

If your need for compression stockings is for medical purpose, wear them according to your doctor’s prescription. You have to put your compression stocking first thing in the morning before walking around. Wear them all the long as you about your chores until bed time.

If you take time to wear them, your blood could collect and pull in your lower legs. Never roll them up or try to fold them over for your blood circulation would be cut off. Lastly, remove them when you shower they should be worn daily.


Where to buy

Support socks ease your movements so better buy one especially when you are always on the go. They are available in big department stores, store selling medical supplies and online shops like


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