Hand Blender Buying Guide

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Why buy hand Blender?

Every kitchen needs a hand or stick blenders for quick, easy blending and chopping jobs – like soup-making, dips and puréeing food. This tiny and compact gadget is easy to store as compared to other food processors and jug blenders that are bulky and require much space for storage. It is easy to maintain and clean for it has fewer parts. Most blenders are good in chopping and making and purée while some models can whip, whisk and mash potatoes. Buy a blender to make cooking a much easier chore.


Hand Blender Uses

Use your hand mixer to whip a single-serve cool smoothie and to blend the stewed fish, veggie and chicken meat to soup. They are always useful in the exact preparation of ingredients. It will be easy for you to prepare guacamole, hummus, mayonnaise, salsa and sauces. These tasks are all within the field of a hand blender. Whipping cream, egg whites or pancake mixes are all easy going with blenders as well as chopping nuts and pulverizing ice. Be the chef of your kitchen with these hand-held appliances as your bff.


Things to consider before buying a hand held blender

Speed controls

Check if the power button is easy to control. Ergonomic handles found on some hand blenders provide soft-touch controls that are easier to use and more comfy.



Some hand blenders have with them matching bowls and beakers for convenient chopping and blending. When buying a stick blender be sure it comes with the attachments you will need. If you want to use your hand mixer for a particular task like blending, chopping, whipping and whisking, look for one with a specialist accessory for easier food prep.



Go for metal shaft blenders for they do not stain easily unlike its plastic counterparts. It is actually the blending shaft that gets dirtiest. Buy a blender with metal shaft for it is more convenient. Although plastic blenders are easier to clean.


What an immersion blender is?

Known by many names, an immersion blender is also called a stick blender, hand blender, or Bermixer. This blade grinder is for kitchen use to in the container ingredients or purée food that is being prepared. This blender type is helpful when there is a large amount of puréed soup or some other food work with. A good immersion blender should be potent to process different kinds of foods.


A good blender for you

Every well-equipped kitchen has hand held blender or an immersion blender. It offers compact and a better more convenient alternative to a big, lumbering mixer when you only need to whip a tiny bit of cream to flavor a pie slice or to make one-egg mayonnaise into a sandwich. An immersion blender will go a long way in replacing expensive and bulky kitchen tools. Its small but its performance is great.


Buy now and choose the latest models available in the kitchen department of big outlets. You can even buy online for easy and convenient shopping.


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