Christmas Tree Top 10 Rankings

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Artificial Christmas tree is an evergreen pine and fir used to traditionally celebrate the Christmas season. Many of artificial Christmas trees today are made of fiber-optic illuminated, aluminum and PVC or polyvinyl chloride. An artificial pre lit Christmas tree has rich green color and stately shape that would pass as the real thing.

We announce latest rankings of best Christmas Tree. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Christmas Tree Buying Guide also.

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ReLive 63138C-GA Tabletop Ceramic Tree 14.5 inch
This beautiful green ceramic Christmas Tree brings a cheerful glow to any room. Plug it in and light up a corner or put in a window and share with your neighborhood.
  • Comes with over 50 nonremovable translucent multi-colored bulbs.
  • Bulbs and star light up with one C7 lamp underneath (included).
  • Easily controlled by an inline on/off switch.
ReLive 63138C-GA Christmas Tree
National Tree MJ3-24BGLO-1 Majestic Fir 24 inch
This Christmas tree is an elegant display for your office or home. It comes in a sturdy box and easy to store. Its base is wrapped in bright velvet like material and has enough weight to ensure a sturdy tree.
  • Pre-lit with 35 UL Listed, pre-strung clear lights.
  • Light string features BULB-LOCK to keep bulbs from falling out.
  • If one bulb burns out, others remain lit.
National Tree MJ3-24BGLO-1
Homegear Deluxe Alpine 6ft
Homegear Deluxe Alpine 6ft Christmas Tree is a superb tree for all that festive cheer at a outstanding value for money price. If you're on a shoestring budget this year but still want that Yuletide feel, then this is the tree to go for.
  • Tips: 700.
  • Plastic feet stand.
  • Needle: PVC.
Homegear Deluxe Alpine 6ft xmas tree
National Tree CAP3-306-75 Carolina Pine 7.5'
This Christmas tree has an all metal hinged construction (branches are attached to center pole sections). It is flame-resistant and non-allergenic. Its BULB-LOCK keeps bulbs from falling out. It includes spare bulbs & fuses and reusable storage carton.
  • Pre-strung with 750 UL listed clear lights.
  • Flocked pinecones.
  • 1393 branch tips.
National Tree CAP3-306-75 pre lit christmas tree
National Tree KW7-500-75 Kingswood Fir 7.5'
The pencil thin shape of the Kingswood Fir makes it a great tree for display in tight corners and small spaces. Featuring hinged branch construction, this tree assembles quickly and is ready for decoration. It has a metal tree stand.
  • Flame-resistant.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Reusable storage carton.
National Tree KW7-500-75
ProductWorks 14211 Charlie Brown 24 inch
This charming little tree will spruce up your home with holiday cheer and maybe even teach the true spirit of Christmas. Its wooden base features the official Peanuts logo to prove its authenticity.
  • Decorated with the classic red bulb ornament and Linus's blue blanket.
  • Plays the classic Peanuts theme song.
  • Official 24-inch replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
ProductWorks 14211
National Tree PEDD1-312-65 Douglas Fir 6.5'
This Down swept Douglas fir Christmas tree has a stunning life-like appearance. It includes a metal stand to add ease of installation. It is fire resistant and non-allergenic and has a hinged branch construction.
  • Pre-lit with 650 clear lights.
  • FEEL-REAL branch tips for remarkable realism.
  • Hinged branch construction.
National Tree PEDD1-312-65 white christmas tree
National Tree NRV7-500-90 Spruce 9 ft.
This Christmas tree has an all metal hinged construction (branches are attached to center pole sections). It is packed in reusable storage carton and includes assembly instructions. It is fire-resistant and non-allergenic.
  • 2128 branch tips.
  • Comes in four sections for quick and easy set-up.
  • Includes sturdy folding metal tree stand.
National Tree NRV7-500-90
Best Choice SKY2887 Premium Spruce 7.5 ft.
Standing at 7.5-feet, this hinged Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to any room during the holidays. Its sturdy foldable steel base provides stability to keep your tree standing tall and prevent breakage.
  • Disassembles into 3 hinged sections for easy assembling, dismantling, and storing.
  • 1346 tips.
  • Easy-to-fluff branches.
Best Choice SKY2887 Artificial Christmas Tree
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Christmas Tree Buying Guide

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Christmas tree is a holiday splendor. Many families enjoy decorating Xmas tree to celebrate the holiday season and make great memories. While many of us make Xmas tree as the center of our Christmas practice, we always try our best to find the perfect piece that we’re proud to display year after year.