Air Freshener Buying Guide

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In order to keep your house full of good fragrances in every corner, you need to invest money into good quality air fresheners or toilet spray. Before you purchase such things, you need to check quality standard of these products.

How to Assess Quality Standards of Room Fresheners?

Whether you purchase bathroom air freshener or other kinds of room fresheners, you shall get two types of products at the marketplace. The first type is AHAM certified, which means American standard product. The second type comes with China certification. In some cases, there could be no certification at all.

So, it is quite obvious that AHAM standard products are the most suitable for the households. They do not make air toxic or harmful for the residents of the house. They come with light, yet long lasting fragrance. On the other hand, toxicity often becomes problems with the products that are not certified by AHAM. They can make people to feel dizzy or can potentially trigger headache.


Size of Your House Is Important

When it comes to buying air fresheners, you need to focus on the size of the house. This is the most important thing, and you should not ignore this part. Different products are there in the marketplace, showing up suitability or compatibility with different kinds of houses or rooms.

For a small or mid-sized bathroom, small air freshener needs to be installed. Air freshening sprays can also work perfectly. For large rooms, you need to choose a large sized air freshening device. If you are using spray, you have to do it frequently. Nevertheless, the fragrance must be strong enough to last long.


Deciding the Right Fragrance

When it comes to purchasing bathroom air freshener, choosing the right fragrance is essential. Different people have different preferences for the fragrances. Some people like citrus or fruity fragrance and some people want strong mystery fragrance.

Nevertheless, it is always good to choose a flowery fragrance for bathroom, as such strong fragrance would last longer than other types of fragrances. For rooms, fragrance must be mild and not disturbing. The same thing is applicable with car air freshener. It should not be strong or disturbing in nature.


Check Reviews before Buying

Today, most of the people are habituated online shopping. Even if you do not buy air freshener online, you can surely check reviews online. So, checking reviews is the right thing for you to choose the right bathroom air freshener. Products, having a lot of good reviews, must be worth for the money you pay. It is better to avoid products with poor reviews.


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