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Keyboard first

MIDI controller and keyboard are one computer setup and together makes beautiful music. Velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard plays varied notes louder or fainter. A mouse can be a substitute but for making music and doing multiple things at once, you need a controller. A controller can mean a lot when playing your drum to the max.


Make your music sound so easily

Musicians are able to create sounds so easily by using a MIDI controller to change more than once a single parameter. Remember that MIDI is based on the idea of message-passing between devices (equipment or software). The computer and synthesizer communicate using the MIDI protocol, and starting the recording. A usb midi controller can be connected to a midi synthesizer using a midi port.


MIDI with usb midi controller is allowed to create uninhibited music and provide superior control over their vintage and modern gear compatibility. Thankfully an excessive amount of world class gears are readily accessible Professional musicians, hobbyists and studios utilized MIDI keyboards with software instruments.


MIDI does it all

MIDI has so much talent. It plays with “a band” as Standard MIDI Files are available for many popular songs. You have an entire band back-up playing along with you used with a personal computer or digital piano using whatever tempo and key. In the absence of musicians while practicing or performing, you can depend on MIDI. Best of all, MIDI data is editable so you can edit out any mistakes and present a perfect performance.


Midi pad versus Midi Keyboard

Both are important and there is no use comparing them. However, midi pad is certainly fashionable and, in fairness, are more versatile than keyboard. They are currently en vogue chord-/melody-light electronic music and clip triggering.


Everything to your advantage

Compare with other music MIDI file data, it is small but workable with a larger MIDI files. In the midst of D to C rack, you can edit and change the music of a MIDI file to other audio files. You can make adjustment on the tempo to make the music play faster without worrying if it sounds like the Chipmunk’s.


Even you don’t know how to play violin, you can still write music for those instruments and hear the performance. It is useful if you know how to play the piano or keyboards as those can be used to synthesize almost any instrument. To practice your guitar skills without a band, you can fire up a MIDI. Set it up to play only the bass and drum tracks while you play the guitar. Now you’ve got an instant 3-piece band.


You can also convert MIDI files directly to sheet music and print them out for later use. This is something you definitely can’t do with a regular audio track.


There are many advantages to working with music in the MIDI format. It is especially a good medium to work with if you are a musician and need more control over the manipulation of music data. For regular users, they are good for other uses, like using them as ringtones on their cell phones.


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