Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

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Types of Keyboards

At first glance, all keyboards will appear similar; still, you can divide them into three different categories. The most popular ones are all-purpose models and in this category, you may include mechanical keyboards that appear almost same as that of standard office keyboards. However, they may have few extra keys or fancy backlight additions to them. These keyboards have some game special mechanical switches and can also possess few additional macro buttons.


If you are a cooperative online gamer; you may need MMO keyboard to have the real fun. These keyboards are often designed with multiple rows of extra macro keys; in general they can have 6 extra keys or the count may vary up to 18 keys as well. These keyboards use to take more space on the desk and will also need more funds for the purchase.


Another great choice for buyers is tenkeyless models. These keyboards use to be light in weight, have a small size and are generally inexpensive. If you have limited desk space at home or you often love to go out for gaming tournaments, these tenkeyless keyboards are the best choice for you.


When it is all about backlighting

If you are more interested to get a keyboard with illumination ability, you can look for backlighting models. They are available with one color and can be accessed with the full RGB pattern as well. The expert gamers will not find backlit keyboard so useful but in case if you are a beginner and lack in typing skills as well, these colored keyboards will help you to know where you have to put fingers to launch right command for your game. Also, if you want to add a stylish look to your gaming station, these colorful keyboards will appear pretty cool.


Note that the RGB keyboards can be much expensive; you may have to spend dozens of dollars to purchase one so prefer to be very careful about what you actually need.


Advanced features

The addition of macro function allows users to customize keyboard keys with ease to have better control on the action. However, few latest models of game keyboard are also designed with advanced multimedia functions. You can have easy access to volume control and enjoy fast shortcuts to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc. You may also think of buying a laser keyboard or virtual keyboard that use wireless projection technology to display keys on a flat surface. But you may need to spend a long time to feel comfortable with these keyboards.


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