Luggage Scale Buying Guide

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Know your basics digital luggage scale

With a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs., basic digital luggage scale has many features. It has an indicator when the battery is low and another for errors. It has zero and tare function with push-button control that allows switching between pounds and kilos. Its large digital display makes reading easy and provides a secure grip. Such excellent features assure a safe comfortable journey.


What to look for in a luggage scale

In your decision to buy a scale, consider the following features:


1. Display window that stores the weight is easy to read after you have put your (heavy) bag down.

2. The luggage has strong strap secured to the scale; a much better option than hooks; hooks are not allowed in carry-on luggage, risk of accident / damage.

3. Good grip makes easy lifting of luggage.

4. Both pounds and kilograms are used to display weights.

5. Must be lightweight and compact in size for easy carrying and packing.

6. Some scales have multifunctional use that can be useful, e.g. built-in flashlight and / or timer alarm

7. Finally yet importantly, it should be easy to use, i.e. just strap the bag, lift it, wait for the beep, set it down, and read the weight


5 reasons you should get a personal luggage scale before flying

1. Accuracy

The accuracy of these devices is unquestionable and the newest luggage scales are completely right about the weight that they show. The weight is calculated down to milligrams, and the value is exact. This is one of the prime features which make luggage scales popular with trippers.


2. Compactness

These days, the luggage hanging scales which can be found in the market are very compact. These can be carried easily from one spot to other, and can also be slipped into hand bags. You may use the machine for the measurement of luggage weight even while flying back.


3. Tape measurement

You have to make sure that your luggage matches size limitations of the airline. There is a measuring tape integrated into the luggage scales, which saves last minute problems and confusions. Before you get baggage booking online, be sure you got weight measurement accurately with such a device.


4. Bright LCD display

Bright LCD display is found in suitcase scales eliminates the hassles associated with reading small numbers from display panel. You can get weight measurements in just a matter of a few seconds. This is very convenient when you intend to make last minute calculations.


5. Easy availability

These can be found easily in the market, and there is no need to look for an ideal luggage scale. There are analog as well as digital luggage weight scale luggage scales, which use floor based or hanging weight measurement systems. Digital travel scale uses LED battery power and you have to check the display panel to read the accurate weight and make luggage plans accordingly.


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