Floor Lamps Top 10 Rankings

A floor lamp is a lighting fixture that stands alone. Apart from plugging them into an electrical socket, they need no further installation. If you need some extra illumination in a room and you don’t want to through the hustles of hiring an electrician, then a floor lamp could be your best pick.
Normally, they are placed close to tables, couches, and chairs to be used as a reliable task light. Additionally, they can be easily moved around the house to provide light where it’s needed. They come in a multitude of styles and sizes. When you need to acquire one, here is a guide for some direction and answers to most of the questions.

We announce latest rankings of best Floor Lamps. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice.

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Simple Designs LF2000-SLV with Reading Light
The decorative floor lamp,perfect for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm, make a fine addition to your home,It is a charming and practical floor lamp to meet nearly all basic lighting needs.
  • A charming, inexpensive, and practical floor lamp to meet your basic lighting needs.
  • This simple mother/daughter floor lamp with reading light features a painted finish and plastic white shades.
  • Painted finish, white plastic shades and some assembly required
Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamps
Simple Designs LF1014-BLK
This gorgeous piece adds versatility as it has three shelves that can be used to display photographs and other memorabilia, the linen shade floor lamp casts a soft, warming light throughout living space, style for any home's decor
  • Illuminate your living space in style with our floor shelf lamp with linen shade
  • This lamp adds sophistication and style to any home's decor
  • Floor lamp with 3 shelves for storage/display
Simple Designs LF1014-BLK
Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp
ikea HOLMO lamp gives a soft mood light,Dust the lamp with a dust cloth, It was very easy to assemble and gives out a nice low glow in a corner of a room. It looks good too.
  • Base: Polyethylene, Concrete, Cover: Polypropylene, Expander/Tube: Steel, Powder coating, Shade: Rice paper
  • Light bulbs are sold separately.
  • IKEA recommends LEDARE LED bulb E26 400 lumen
IKEA 301.841.73
360 Lighting HX-F0363
This Dawson Antique Brass 55 1/2 inch model is classic pharmacy floor lamp, a sleek metal shade creates ample downward illuination in your space,on-off rotary switch on the socket, antique brass finish, adjustable boom arm, metal construction, halogen light bulb
  • Takes one maximum 60 watt or equivalent bulb (not included)
  • Antique brass finish, metal construction, adjustable boom arm and lamp head.
  • On-off rotary switch on the socket.
360 Lighting HX-F0363
Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648 Three Lights Tree Lamp
The three light tree lamp is the perfect lighting to use for any room, the sportlights can rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees to provide light wherever need it, each light has its own on/off switch, uses three 60 watt maximum A19 incandescent bulb
  • Boston Harbor 3 light satin nickel tree lamp
  • Finished in satin nickel with three adjustable spotlights
  • Spotlights can rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees
Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648
Normande Lighting JM1-884 Reading Lamp
This traditional design lamp is lamp for full-room illumination as well as a smaller side reading lamp for more focused lighting. Rotary 3-way switch turns on torchiere, reading light, or both.
  • Black painted finish; frosted glass shades with wire-metal decor; leaf and vine motif
  • 100W incandescent torchiere floor lamp with 40W incandescent reading lamp
  • Adjustable light direction
Normande Lighting JM1-884
Ikea NOT Floor Uplight Lamp
Modern lamp,for all your living room needs, IKEA recommends LEDARE LED bulb E26 400 lumen, dust the lamp with a dust cloth,looks nice enough in the corner of the room,such a simple lamp, but helps light up the room.
  • Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even
  • Dust the lamp with a dust cloth
  • Modern design
Ikea 101.398.79
Lavish 72-0890
This lamp provides natural full spectrum daylight hues, brightening even rooms that have minimal sun exposure, perfect to reading, working, or doing intricate craftwork, a must-have addition to home or office, the flexible gooseneck design lets adjust the lamp to any angle to direct light where need it.
  • Sun lamp provides pure bright, natural light, making it easier to see while eliminating eye stress and fatigue.?
  • Simple On/Off switch located on the adjustable tilting lamp head.?
  • Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp
Lavish 72-0890
Brightech 211136S-BK SKY LED Torchiere Lamp
Warm white color lamp, alter the mood with a simple touch, power-button dimmer lets you ride the light levels from ultra-bright to ambient soft, slender design+rotating top, easy to assemble, and easier to love, the simplicity of the lamp's minimalist design lets you have it upright and running within minutes.
  • The SKY LED Torchiere blazes brightly enough to be the only lighting source in bedrooms, living rooms, or offices
  • Bask in SKY's warm white color, as the lamp itself stays cool. LED never overheats.?
  • LED lighting will endure for more than 20 years
Brightech 211136S-BK


Floor Lamps Buyer’s Guide


Which floor lamp can I buy?

While all floor lamps are unified by their principle of operation. They come in several designs, shapes, and sizes. However, the most important aspect to consider when deciding which lamp to buy is the purpose for the lamp and where it is intended to be used.


What to look for in a floor lamp

Before using any other reason to decide which floor lamp to buy you have to specifically define the usage. Apart from the general purpose of lighting, there is some specific aspect you must be looking for, to help you easily decide, use the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a powerful light for a specific place?
  • Do you want something that illuminates the whole room?
  • How about a stunning lamp that could add to the aesthetics of the room even when off?
  • Do you want a piece that can somehow fulfill all the above?


Floor lamp designs

They are usually found in several decor designs and these are among the most popular:


Arch floor lamps

The stand bent into a nice curving pole so that it can provide adequate illumination to the area that is below it. Floor lamps of this design are best suited for providing light over couches and chairs.


Torchiere lamps

These may also be referred as torch floor lamps and they have a shade that is in the shape of a bowl. Because of the bowl-shaped shade, its light tends to be reflected upwards off the ceiling. These are the best choices for ambient lighting and are normally used almost exclusively as ambient light enhancers.


The traditional and classic floor lamps

These are basic and traditionally designed single-pole lamps that may also be referred to as club lamps. They are the most popular among other designs and they are most suited for use near sofas or chairs mostly for reading. Additionally, they can be used for general room lighting and they mostly come with a cloth shade or a glass globe.


Tree floor lamps

These have three or more light sockets that are easily movable so that you can twist and have them focus on any direction of your choosing.


Reading lamps

These are best suited for readers. They come with a central light source as well as a flexible and adjustable arm so that you can focus the light to the book or any reading material.


Magnifier Floor lamps

Because of the magnifier, they are more practically applied for carrying out small equipment repairs or deciphering minute print and eventually hobbies.


Adjustable floor lamps

They can be adjusted in several ways and they can move up, downwards, right and left so that you can focus the light in just any way you want. They are excellent if you are into making handicrafts or any work that requires focused light.


Which floor lamp should you buy?

When you are deciding what floor lamp you should buy it’s important to evaluate all your top usage priorities. ?Some will obviously work well than others in regard to the intended place of use and purpose.

For living rooms, try to look for lamps that will direct the light upwards to the ceiling and create a gentle illumination to the surrounding area. These are best placed at dark corners or as decor accessories for filling up awkwardly empty spaces.

In offices, you would mostly require floor lamps with pivoting flexible arms that can be easy to focus light where it’s needed. In addition, settle for a lamp that can be adjusted upwards as well as downwards so that you can easily find balance in light intensity.

If you have space limitations, going for a tray floor lamp that is usually placed directly over chairs so you can eliminate the need for an end table that could have used more space.

Whatever your lighting needs are, try to choose a piece that will effectively serve you.