Maternity Skin Care Buying Guide

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Skin changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, skin changes are prevalent. Watch for the appearance of stretch marks, pigmentation changes, spots or acne broken veins and sensitivity or itchy skin. These alterations are caused by hormone levels and changes in the circulation and immune system. The good news is that these changes clear up on their own after the baby is born.


Skincare during pregnancy

Most pregnant women wonder which skincare products to use. Pregnancy lotion is great in resisting those unsightly stretch marks, itchy dry skin, and taut feeling that accompany a growing tummy. Moms-to-be must avoid artificial fragrances, chemical skin lighteners, hair dyes, nail care, parabens and spray tanning products for they contain toxic substances that are absorbed by the skin and harm the infant inside the womb. Always check with your OB/GYN and discuss the specific skincare products you want to use.


Best features of skincare products for maternity skincare

The best skincare products are allergy tested. They do not contain any artificial dye types, phthalate salt and parabens. To help fight blemishes, acne products for pregnant women contain sulfur and oil of tea tree. They combat aging as well as protect your skin without exposing it to any toxins. They are naturally organic and contain a number of antioxidants to keep skin feeling fresh and healthy! They are primarily targeted for hormonal breakouts rather than dryness. Mostly organic, they rely on plant extracts for their active ingredients.


Skin care changes during pregnancy

Make few and safe skin care changes in your routine during pregnancy. Use gentler cleanser. Before purchasing, study the label of a cleanser. Look for cleansers containing aloe or oat. Also gentle for skin are cleansers with almond, avocado or jojoba oils.


Apply nightly/treatment moisturizer to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While hydrating and visibly enhancing skin texture, it fortifies skin barrier to optimize skin performance on minimizing wrinkles include the unpleasant sight stretch marks.


Eye cream is used to create an effective line reducing eye treatment for brighter, younger-looking eyes. It has the powerful ability to bring back the youthful appearance of aging skin as the same time it smoothens and brightens the area of the eye and helps reduce dark circles


This age-delay moisturizer has SPF 30 protection supplying the skin with premium ingredients to provide younger and more vibrant look. Five active formulations work together to keep your complexion healthy-looking. (1) Zinc oxide deflects the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays: (2) alpha arbutin makes skin tone even: bisabolol is skin-soother; (3) homeostatine minimizes the looks of lines & wrinkles; and FAB antioxidant booster fights aggressors of the environment.


Pregnancy Lotion

Pregnancy lotion and potion promise to protect ever-stretching skin from scars. It has been proven by clinical testing that regular use of moisturizer prevents ripping your skin and it also alleviates intense itching of skin resulting to stretched skin. It is important to find one that is safe and effective: All moms-to-be must choose pregnancy skin care to look their best while baby is growing inside.


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