L-Arginine Supplement Buying Guide

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L-Arginine for fitness

Arginine benefits people who work out with improved recovery and muscle growth. The amino acid encourages the creation of proteins which will respond to exercise. Arginine bodybuilding has become a common practice. The substance is not considered to be illegal in bodybuilding and other sports competitions. However, it is not a substance that the body is able to produce naturally, making L-Arginine supplements extremely useful, especially for vegetarians. Another way to get Arginine is get enough Citrulline which is converted into Arginine by the body.


How does L-Arginine help?

Arginine benefits hormone secretion encourages vasodilation through improved levels of nitric oxide. It is used medically to treat issues with the heart and the blood vessels, blood pressure and many more symptoms. This is why meat eaters generally find it easier to make progress at the gym. Although the supplements will definitely help vegetarians and vegans catch up in no time at all. Arginine is good for blood flow, breathing, muscular development and detoxification of the body.


What can you use it for?

Both Arginine and Citrulline supplements are useful for people who are looking to bulk up faster at the gym. The enhanced recovery speeds are another factor to be considered when you are attempting arginine bodybuilding. This allows you to do more intense workouts in a week. Another notable arginine benefit is an increased sexual performance. Arginine is sometimes prescribed as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. The improved blood flow that helps with muscle recovery is also responsible for stronger erections.


Dosage and other concerns

Before you buy any Arginine or Citrulline, make sure you visit a doctor to find out if it will suit you. It is important to consult your doctor before you begin taking any supplements. Taking too much arginine can cause health complications like weakness, nausea and diarrhea. Dosage guidelines have not been fully established, so it is important to work out your tolerance through incremental doses.


How much does it cost?

Arginine supplements are available from as low as USD 7 to as much as USD 35 depending on the brand and quantity. The supplements come as either tablets or in a capsule form for your consumption. Consult your physician before you start taking the tablets, it is important to understand how to gradually build up the dosage. Typically, you should be taking Arginine 3 times a day for a total of 4-10 grams a day. Normally tablets are 1000mg, so a 120 tablet/capsule bottle will last you roughly around 2 weeks or more.


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