Protein Powder Buying Guide

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About protein powders

Protein powders are considered optimum nutrition for this dietary supplement contains high percentage of protein. Protein is an essential body need for growth, reproduction and healing as well as supporting a healthy immune system. They are powdered forms of protein from soy, pea, whey or casein with other performance-enhancing ingredients like creatine, fat metabolizers, vitamins and minerals. Mix with water or milk, the blend turns into a milkshake or smoothie-type of drink.


Casein vs. Soy vs. Whey

Protein powders come in various forms with are casein, soy and whey as three of the most common ones. Casein is a dairy protein that is slow-digesting dairy that people usually consume as supplement for it releases slowly amino acids. It is often taken before bedtime to help people recover and minimized breakdown of muscles while they slumber.

Soy is Vegan’s protein powder has unpleasant tastes and dissoluble in water. Whey protein is used most frequently because it is water-soluble milk protein aside from being a complete protein, so it’s got all those advantages. Proteins are complete when they contain all the nine amino acids essential for the need of human dietary.


Who buys protein powders?

Athletes as marathon runners, body builders and those football players buy and use protein powders to build bulky muscle mass. People who are trying to gain weight or even those who are on a liquid diet for some reason patronize protein powders in concentrated or liquid forms.


Protein powder helps you lose weight

One study discovered that consuming 56 grams of whey protein daily helped their overweight and obese participants shed 5 lbs. or 2.3 kg more fat than the same amount of soy protein Another reported that whey is effective at maintaining muscle-building ability and 3 times more in losing weight than soy protein.


To shake and not to shake

Protein shakes are made by blending protein powder with water, although other ingredients are often added as well. They are convenient additions to the diet, especially when access to quality high-protein foods is limited. There are different types of protein having their own tastes and characteristics.

Although, there are many brands of protein powder shakes available in the market, you can buy protein powder and mix it yourself. Protein shakes are appetite and hunger-reducers and a delectable way to increase protein to your diet. However, remember that too much can still lead to excess calories.


Try it now!

Buy your supply of protein powders now from many health and food stores in your area as well as buy online from Amazon. Protein powders are appealing to non-meat eaters so it is also called Vegan’s protein powder. Protein powder is not magic but you are assured of optimum nutrition and it goes a long way in providing you and your family wellness in a healthy lifestyle!


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