Clothes Dryer Buying Guide

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Why buy clothes dryer?

Isn’t it a blessing to have clean clothes ready anytime! Even with a washing machine, you cannot expect to get clean clothes done as fast when you have an electric clothes dryer. Just consider the speed of a dryer in removing moisture from a load of clothing after they are washed.. There is no reason to put off washing when the sky is cloudy with your dryer near at hand. Who needs the sun when you have your clothes dried by this wonderful appliance?


What types of clothes dryers are available?

With several options of dryer machines to buy, which one will you choose? Dryer machines are either powered by natural gas or electricity. A gas dryer costs more than its electric counterpart; however, a gas unit costs less to operate and will often pay back its higher cost in energy savings within the first year. If you have an electric dryer at home, you do not need to waste time in drying you clothes from the washing machine.


An electric dryer is a convenient appliance in multi-family and small homes. Through condensation, electric units easily remove moisture. After moisture is collected by the hot air; it is made cool, while the resulting water vapors drip in a tank or tray provided that has to be emptied on specified interval.


Electric dryers

All clothes dryers operate the same way: the drum is turned by electricity making clothes through heated air while removing the moisture. Initial price for electric dryers cost less than gas. Different models are sold in the market. The wide price range is convenient for buyers. Electric drys can be installed just about anywhere.


Only few equipment is needed to place and operate the dryer. In many apartments, condos and homes, wirings are already in place. You simply need to plug in the electric dryer.


Features and functions your dryer must have

Find this feature in your electric clothes dryer: Moisture sensor automatically shuts off when a load is dry. Noise dampening spare your sanity from noise if your machine is close to your main living area. A brightly lit control panel allows you to find your way in dark places. With drum light, you will find stray socks, other small pieces and lost laundry. Get a NSF-certified dryer so germs, bacteria and other household bacteria are eliminated as. NSF sets standards the interests of public health.


Size does Matter

Clothes dryers have standard width from 27 to around 29 inches. If your space is small, get a set of stackable washer-dryer or a trimmer dryer. For complete drying, get drys with a capacity twice the size of your clothes washer. Heated air will freely circulate thoroughly and efficiently all over your wet laundry. Get a larger-capacity dryer if you are regularly washing bulky and oversized items.


Tip: Give your dryer machine a breathing space at least around an inch or two of all around so air makes thorough circulation.


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