On-Camera Video Lights Top 10 Rankings

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On-camera light is an essential part in every video shooter’s kit. Video lighting refers to a compact, battery-powered light that can be mounted on-camera depending on your choice or it even works on drones. Camera light contributes to a successful and great picture.

We announce latest rankings of best On-Camera Video Lights. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss On-Camera Video Lights Buying Guide also.

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JANCHUN Selfie Ring Light
This selfie light has 7 light color settings (white, red, soft yellow, green, blue-green, blue and rose red) which enable you to take more magic selfie photos and videos. It can also BE used as an emergency light.
  • Micro USB rechargeable.
  • 3 levels of bright settings.
  • Portable clip & metallic design.
JANCHUN CHUN On-Camera Video Lights
QIAYA Ring Light for Camera (36 LED)
Compact and easy to carry around in your pocket, the QIAYA camera ring light will come in handy wherever and whenever you need it to take attention grabbing selfies that your friends will love seeing in their feeds.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Brightness adjustable.
  • Fantastic for night time or dark rooms.
TYCKA RA-TK302-CA1 40 LED Selfie Ring Light
TYCKA Selfie Ring Light's innovative two built-in brightness controllers enable you to achieve suitable light effect before shooting. Rotate the gear wheel to adjust its brightness from 0% to 100%, which ensures the light is soft and brighter.
  • Independent warm & cold white.
  • Zero-radiation.
  • No ghosting.
TYCKA RA-TK302-CA1 ring light for camera
Neewer CN-LUX360 Dimmable LED Video Light
Neewer CN-LUX360 Dimmable LED Video Light features a PMMA protector in the front of light housing that makes LED bulbs more safe. Its brightness can be adjusted by the filters and dimming knob.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High efficient output.
  • Lightweight.
Neewer 10030987@@13 video lighting
Aputure AL-M9 Amaran LED Mini Light
The Aputure Amaran AL-M9 is incredibly compact and lightweight with 9 SMD bulbs that are powerful in the palm of your hand. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications from run and gun video to macro product photography.
  • High efficiency bulbs, TLCI 95+, CRI 95+.
  • Lithium battery.
  • Ultra thin.
Aputure AL-M9
LimoStudio AGG1318 160 LED Video Light
With this lighting kit, both professionals and beginners will be able to elaborate the overall quality of the photos by evenly spreading light in a variety of situations and conditions.
  • Easily mount the light to any camera.
  • Water-proof premium quality hard shell carry case.
  • Battery & charger included.
LimoStudio LE160C(1)
SRL l191 Selfie Ring Light For Camera
With this selfie ring light, you will be able to take great selfies in dark areas or whenever natural light is not available. It will brighten and soften your features, rather than casting harsh shadows across your face.
  • Press the power button for low, medium, high brightness.
  • 36 LED bulbs.
  • Universal clip.
SRL l191 led camera light
Altura Goja 160 LED Video Light
Altura Goja 160 LED Video Light kit is a professional high quality LED video accessory. It offers a bright, soft light output with variable power, in a compact form-factor. It features 8-levels of brightness for finer control, instead of the commonly used 4.
  • Push-button dimmer.
  • 4-LED battery indicator on the rear.
  • Adjustable hot-shoe mount.
Altura Goja
Neewer CN-216 216PCS LED Panel Video Light
Neewer CN-216 216PCS LED Panel Video Light is lightweight, portable and compact. Its high-quality LED bulbs has a long life span up to 50,000 hours. The special LED bulb layout design gives a wider lighting range and brighter effect.
  • Standard hot shoe.
  • Dimmer control switch.
  • Equipped with pivoting head.
Neewer 10065765 camera light
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On-Camera Video Lights Buying Guide

 Versatility of the latest video lighting

This ultra-compact video light delivers better & brighter color, distinct contrast and clearer pictures when video shooting in low-light level. Using LED’s 176 ultra-bright, your camcorder camera is provided high-illuminating power. Its flicker free brightness dimmer provides from 100% down to 1% adjustment of light output.