Tape Measure Top 10 Rankings

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Tape measure, also known as measuring tape, is a thin, flexible ruler that consists of linear-measurement marking. It can be made of a metal strip, ribbon of cloth or a fiber glass. A measuring tape comes with a great length to measure around corners or curves. It is also very convenient that it can be easily lugged in a toolkit or pocket.

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Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape
Komelon SL2825 Tape Measure features a unique self locking mechanism that allows the blade to extend smoothly. This is the ideal measuring tool for anyone from the do-it-yourselfer to a professional tradesmen.
  • Rubberized impact-resistant case.
  • Nylon coated blade for maximum durability.
  • Push button allows blade to be retracted smoothly.
Komelon SL2825 Tape Measure
Stanley 33-115 10 ft x 1/4 inch PowerLock
Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure's slim case is ideal for pockets and purses. It features a special True-Zero hook that allows use of nail as pivot to draw circles and arches. Its secure blade lock won't creep during measurements.
  • Chrome high-impact ABS case.
  • Mylar polymer-coated blade.
  • Heat-treated spring.
Stanley 33-115
Stanley 33-425 PowerLock 25-Foot by 1-Inch
Stanley 33-425 PowerLock's blade is coated with mylar to help it stand up to abrasion associated with repeated use. Its patented Tru-Zero hook doubles as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs, and it automatically adjusts to handle inside or outside measurements.
  • Easy-to-read lockable yellow blade graduated in 1/16-inch.
  • Belt clip.
  • 16 and 19.2 inch stud center markings.
Stanley 33-425
Trust 72-7525 Heavy Duty 25 Feet by 1-Inch
This extra thick tape measure is precision built to MID II accuracy ensuring your work is always perfectly precise. It will stand out to 8.5 ft for measuring long distances without it bending over.
  • Make quicker measurements with easy-read fraction markings.
  • Magnetic hook.
  • Automatic locking retractable blade.
Trust 72-7525 metric tape measure
Stanley FMHT33706W Fat Max 1/2 in x 6 ft
The keychain feature makes this tape quite handy to carry with you and have available everywhere you go. Its Tru-Zero end hook allows for accurate measurements for both inside and outside measurements.
  • Slide lock holds blade securely in position.
  • 19 & 16 inch stud center markings for quick measurements.
  • High-impact ABS case with rubber for comfort.
Stanley FMHT33706W
Pink Box PB25TAPE Measure 25 feet
The Pink Box 25-Foot Tape Measure is a double threat with its good looks and functionality. The easy to read nylon coated blade features both SAE and metric measurements. Clip it to your belt or bag so it is always within reach when needed.
  • Front locking mechanism.
  • Comfort grip.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
Pink Box PB25TAPE
Kutir 56-7525 Heavy Duty Tape Ruler 25ft
With a sturdy matte blade measuring 0.15mm thick & stand out till 7 FEET, this 25 foot tape measure is strong and durable, making it an essential for everyone from everyday homeowners, interior designers to professional handyman, carpenter, metal or wood workers and architects.
  • Shock absorbent rubber case.
  • Easy to read bold numbers.
  • Powerful magnet plated in chrome.
Kutir 56-7525 measuring tape
UBANTE UBT-JC-25 1-inch x 25-foot Tape
The end of this measuring tape is outfitted with a powerful magnet, allowing you to get a proper measurement without the fuss. Simply attach the end of the ruler to metal surface to keep it in place while you get the measurements you need.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Wrist strap included.
  • Ergonomic ABS case.
MAC#00 00218 Singer 60 inch Tape Measure
The Singer 60-inch tape measure is made of durable, yet flexible fiberglass, making it perfect for a seamstress or tailor. Well suited for clothing design and production, the soft tape measure rests seamlessly along curved and flat surfaces.
  • Tabbed edges prevent fray.
  • Black print on pink tape.
  • Shows inches and centimeters.
MAC#00 00218 digital tape measure
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Tape Measure Buying Guide

 Unique Features and Unmatched Stake Point Designs

A metric tape measure is one of those tools many of us do not think of purchasing until we find ourselves needing one. In today’s high-tech society, a metric tape measure is easily taken for granted however, its many benefits and uses remained undeniable in many years. Because of its distinct features and stake point designs, it’s an item that can be very useful in a wide range of applications.