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Unique Features and Unmatched Stake Point Designs

A metric tape measure is one of those tools many of us do not think of purchasing until we find ourselves needing one. In today’s high-tech society, a metric tape measure is easily taken for granted however, its many benefits and uses remained undeniable in many years. Because of its distinct features and stake point designs, it’s an item that can be very useful in a wide range of applications.


If you ever find yourself needing a good quality digital tape measure that comes with a durable compact design, there’s a plethora of options to shop for. The perfect choice will entirely depend on the specific of your projects at hand. While many households keep many different types of tapes, it’s presumably beneficial to have your own sets of tapes for a variety of applications.


A Plethora of Available Options

As you walk down the aisle of your favorite retail store, you’ll realize that there are several types of measuring tapes available that include tapes for carpentry, construction and dressmaking or tailoring. Tapes that are intended for dressmaking are made of flexible plastic, cloth or fiber glass. They are commonly used to measure a person’s waistline.


Meanwhile, tapes designed for construction and carpentry are straight and stiff when extended. They can be made of metallic ribbon and great tools to aid accurate measuring. Metal measuring tapes are typically made of steel and rolled inside the metal housing. They are also widely used in woodworking and measuring room dimensions.


Improved Accuracy and Convenience

When it comes to tape designs, you’ll have a choice between a conventional and digital tape. Conventional tapes are non-electronic tapes, very easy to find and generally comes with inexpensive price. While, today’s digital tape measure offers improved precision, portability and ease of use.


While a digital tape is not often necessary in an average household, you’ll find it more convenient in several measuring situations. For instance, laser tape measure provides better accuracy compared to conventional one and its better when reaching challenging spots when calculating room dimension. Aside from that, it can reach 600 feet and even more, that’s why it’s widely used by professionals. Most digital tapes employ several internal technologies to provide a more accurate calculation.


Many tape measures are using a mix of metric and imperial measurements. The right choice for a system of measurement depends on the user’s location, trade and age. When choosing a tape measure, make sure it is easy to make conversions when necessary therefore, it helps to use a tape measure that has both metric and imperial units. Based on these factors, you can decide which measuring tapes are most appropriate for you and your needs.


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