Fitted Bed Sheet Buying Guide

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Comfort and Beyond

Fitted bed sheets can provide a smooth surface for the person to lie on. Fitted bed sheets are traditionally used to cover the bed where flat sheet goes over the bottom line. Many consumers prefer to have fitted linen over the flat sheet because it can fit snugly around the edges of the mattress and hold the linen neatly in place.


When shopping for bed linens, a complete bed sheet set comes with fitted, flat sheet and a pillow case for all sizes of mattress. However, fitted linen is available for individual purchase. The main purpose of fitted linen is to keep the blanket or comforter clean by having having a soft smooth layer next to the skin. Fitted sheet is considered a more practical choice by consumers because unlike flat sheet, it doesn’t require ironing.


Options for Healthy Qualities

A good fitted bed sheet is durable and has breathing, soft surface that’s pleasant to the skin. There are several steps involved when purchasing the right fitted sheet for your mattress. It is essential to have the right sized bottom sheet too snugly to on all the corners of the mattress. Aside from getting the right size, there’s the fabric, weave and other healthy qualities of fitted be sheets to consider.


Although, fitted sheets come with standard sizes such as twin, queen, full etc., these standard sizes can still widely vary. For proper fitting, you should measure the pocket depth of your mattress to ensure you are getting the correct size of fitted sheet. Measure the distance from bottom corner of your mattress to the top. This should also include the pillow top quilting that your mattress may have.


Fabric is another quality you should consider in order to choose the right fitted sheet for your mattress. While different materials showcase different advantages and disadvantages, you should choose a fabric that perfectly fits to your personal preferences for comfort. For instance, cotton blends are popular choices by consumers because they cost less and they provide cool, crisp feeling to the skin. For those who demand ultimate comfort, flannel material can be the most ideal choice since its wool blended with cotton and synthetic material that can provide ultimate comfort and softness.


Bed linens feature various weaves that you must consider before making your purchase. Sateen weave have four stitches while the standard weave has one stitch over the and under. Sateen weave provides more softness but it’s not quite durable and dependable as standard weave. The pinpoint weave, on the other hand, features two stitches over which provides less soft surface than sateen but it is softer than standard weave.


Fitted Sheets that Fit to Any Budget

While price is often the deciding factor for consumers when making a purchase, the good news is, you can find an array of fitted sheet options that and fit to any budget.


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