Photo Printers Buying Guide

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You have taken a great shot and now you want to show it off. There are two options? go to a photo printing service or print it at home. If you prefer the latter option, you need to make sure that you will not print a photo on paper that’s bigger than what the image resolution is capable of supporting.


If you want to determine the maximum size of your photo, you can divide the image dimensions by 200 or 300. Choose a paper that is ideal for printing photos. For photo printing, best types of paper are semi-glossy and glossy. Aside from the paper, you also need to consider the printer you are using.


Printing high quality photos is important, especially if you are working as a professional photographer. As photographers take photos often, most of them use their own photo printers in order to easily print out their desired copies of photos. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a photo printer.


Cost of Ink

You need to consider the cost of ink. When the ink tanks of the printer run out, you need to replace it right away so that your ink won¡¯t run out in the middle of the printing process. The ink tanks may need to be replaced every month if you are using the printer to print a large amount of photos. Conduct some research about the cost of ink from various stores to get the best price for the ink.


If you want to save some money, you should consider buying a printer that has separate ink tanks for various colors. If one color of the printer runs out, only one ink tank needs to be replaced. You don¡¯t have to replace all of them at once.



It is also important to consider the printer’s speed. Determine how fast the printer can print out the number of photos you want to copy. Make sure that the speed of the printer suits your needs.



You have to set a budget if you want to buy a photo printer. Since there are various types of printer available today, you need to determine your budget to narrow down your options. Your budget will also determine the printer features and options you will get.


When buying a photo printer, you need to make sure that you will really benefit from it. The printer should be cost-effective. The number of pictures you want to print will affect the amount of money you need to spend for purchasing the printer. Buying a professional photo printer may not be necessary if you don¡¯t need to print a large number of images.


When you already have the printer, make sure that you maintain it. Proper maintenance involves doing a print head cleaning routine at least once a month. Lightly blow it off with compressed air to prevent dust from accumulating. Read the printer’s manual to check for any additional maintenance requirements.


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