Area Rugs Buying Guide

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Material matters

The first thing that you need to consider while buying the area rug is the material.

If you like to change the interior of your house very often then buying the synthetic rugs will be perfect. In case you are looking for the affordable choice, cotton rugs are perfect. However, keep in mind that they wear out and stain quickly.

There are several eco-friendly options available in the market that has been manufactured with the plant fibers and are biodegradable. Wool is perfect if you want a stylish look for the special rooms in your house. Apart from that, there are hand-knotted, Persian and silk carpets that you can select from.


Quality is important

While selecting the area rugs it is important that you pay attention towards the quality of the product. The best quality rugs are the one that has been hand-knotted because they are the most durable with the finest details. These rugs will stay with you for generations. The more knots you will get in the rug the high-quality it will be.


Hand-tufted rugs can be regarded as the next best thing. These rugs are manufactured half in the machine and half by the manpower. To differentiate between the hand knotted and hand tufted rug you must check the bottom.

If it has reversed knots, it has been many by hand while if there is backing the rug has been tufted. On the other hand, the rugs that have been made by machine are affordable yet their quality is low and they will not last longer.


Pay attention towards the size

It is important that you pay special attention towards the size of the rug. In case that it is too small it will not attract any attention, on the other hand, extra large area rugs will look like a carpet. Apart from that, you have to consider the thickness of the rugs.


For the bedrooms, it should be 3 feet so that it will give you the required comfort. For the other rooms, you can select the rugs with less thickness because they are designed to give the room a focal point.


Area Rug accessories

Apart from the area rugs you also have to consider the accessories that will add life to the material. You have to ensure that you buy the pads for the area rugs that will enhance their durability and prevent them from stains.


Do not forget to invest in the high-quality vacuum because it will help you in the removal of dirt and dust from the area rugs. It is important that you keep your area rugs as good as new because only them their life will increase.


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