Chalkboards Buying Guide

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Types of Chalkboards

Black and Green Chalkboards:

Chalkboards usually come in black and green variants, with silicon carbide or carborundum slate surface, porcelain surface over steel, or other chalkboard variations. Different variants come with a choice of black or green writing surface to fulfill different uses and needs.


Combination Boards:

Combination boards have a mixture of stackable boards, a vinyl surface, and writing boards. The writing board might be a chalkboard or a dry erase board, which depends on the design. The combination board has at least two major parts providing separate support in a single wallboard, like a chalkboard which consists of lower two-thirds of the board and a stackable bulletin board which has a vinyl in your choice of colors on its top. Such boards come in a wide range of combinations to fulfill varying different needs.


Conversion Boards:

Conversion boards convene to already-existing wallboards for fast and easy installing over an already installed chalkboard or dry erase board in a classroom, lab, office, or some other location. To correctly fit the existing wall-mounted boards for simple and easy setup and use these boards are custom made.



Commonly chalkboards are made with sheets of slate stone in dark black and gray colors. A number of our chalkboards are made black or green, with porcelain-over-steel magnetic board design or silicon carbide (carborundum) slate design which provides durability to the chalkboard surface. Usually common white, yellow, or colored chalk and traditional chalkboard erasers are used for these type of boards. The boards mostly have a frame of wood or aluminum on them and come with a full-length ledge all around the bottom of the frame for allowing you to stash chalk and other items within easy reach.


Mobile Combination Board:

Mobile combination boards are the type of boards which have more than one productivity parts such as dry erase marker board, bulletin board with a tackable surface, or sometimes both. This type of boards are made using mobile frames that give you easy access to both sides of the dual-sided board. The board may turn on pivot-style hinges located in the frame and lock in one position for easy writing and use, or it may also happen that the board will be located in one position within the frame and you will need to turn the base completely around to get access to the other side of the board.


Reversible Board:

Reversible boards are the type of boards which usually contain two-sided mobile boards with matching dry erase marker boards on the two sides or a combination design which features one dry erase marker board on one side and a tackable board on the second side. The frame may be designed to turn within the mobile stand and lock in place for safe use, or it may also be that the frame may be fixed to the stand and you will need to rotate the entire stand to get access to the opposite side.



To make sure that your Chalkboard or Whiteboard does justice to your space, think about the frame and board color before making a choice. Both types of boards come with wooden, plastic, and metal frames available in every shade and color or you can even get boards which don’t have a frame at all. Chalkboards come in black, brown, or green colors. Whiteboards are commonly used in white color, but other color options are also available including translucent colors


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