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Spotting Scope Buying Guide
  Magnification Power and Zoom Lenses Spotting scopes are designed to capture medium range focus; you will often find them with magnification power falling somewhere between 15x and 60x. You can change their magnification power either by using interchangeable fixed length eyepieces or with the help of single zoom eyepiece. […]

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Teleprompter Buying Guide
  Look more “presidential”, use a Teleprompter In general, prompters give the speaker a “presidential” aura as he connects with his audience, whether live or prerecorded. He easily makes eye contact that can be a major factor. As average persons do not have training or experience as an actor or […]

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Video Projection Screen Buying Guide
  LED technology leads screen types options Everyone wants a gigantic-size movie screen. To determine the screen type, buyers must know the use of the projector. Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors have wide series of microscopic mirrors allowing system to incline toward the light source of the projector or away […]

Video Projection Screen Buying Guide   Recently updated !