Teleprompter Buying Guide

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Look more “presidential”, use a Teleprompter

In general, prompters give the speaker a “presidential” aura as he connects with his audience, whether live or prerecorded. He easily makes eye contact that can be a major factor. As average persons do not have training or experience as an actor or endowed with photographic memory, they have difficulty memorizing episodic text.


Most speakers rely on PowerPoint or notecards but these are cumbersome. To convey numerous details or technical specifications, Teleprompter app is the best option.


It is the latest trend

Recently iPad teleprompter has become a trend and extremely popular because it is affordable and portable. Just load the script or typed in to a teleprompter app on the iPad, such as Autocue. The iPad is then set below the glass of the teleprompter in lieu of the teleprompter monitor.


Since the script is already on the teleprompter monitor, no need to utilize separate PC or laptop and teleprompting software. Autocue as a TV electronic prompting device enlarges line by line a prepared script for the speaker that is unseen by the audience.


The right teleprompter for you

Selecting the appropriate one to suit you can be tedious. There is an iPAD Teleprompter, mid-size portable teleprompter and large studio prompter with trapezoidal glass, tally lights and talent monitors. The size of the teleprompter will depend upon the distance between the on-camera presenter and the teleprompter.


Regardless of the manufacturer and size of the prompter selected, the mounting configuration, camera, lens and tripod must be compatible. Whether the camera and lens can be positioned in the back of the teleprompter glass/hood is determined by the specific camera; lens and the flexibility of the prompter’s mounting configuration.


The purpose is for the presenter’s eye line to look directly into the camera. Ascertain that camera, lens, teleprompter and tripod are compatible and working well together.


Prestigious broadcasters with Autoscript

Autoscript is the most professional teleprompting equipment get with an extensive network of dealers, distributors and technology partners. For three decades, they have been manufacturing dependable, hardware of top quality and solutions for software as well as supplier for its networks and stand-alone operations.


Industry broadcast standard and the latest Intelligent Prompting system support Autoscript products served as the sole complete end-to-end prompting IP-enabled workflow worldwide. An experienced global team develops and supports its innovative products.


You need a teleprompter for a reason

You need a teleprompter is enhance performances in front of a camera or live audience. You deliver your lines with confidence, polish and accuracy. You do not need to use notes, cue cards and index cards. Once you’ve done a test read on camera, any parts of your script that don’t sound quite right can be easily edited by operator.


Your operator can adjust to your individual pace by slowing down or speeding up in real time. And best of all, you DON’T have to memorize!


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