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The best game camera makes a run for your money

Your quest for number one wildlife device is no longer a problem. Just start by consulting buyer’s guide to get more information and learn about their specs and features; then check the type you are thinking. If, however; your purpose is to upgrade your current device, by reading the guide, you will be able to narrow down outstanding features of the new models.


To buy or to upgrade

A new game camera has just been launched. You are tempted to buy this new model camera for games. It offers a wide array of specs and features. Of course, downside would be its price that may not be affordable plus you have to spend time learning how to use it. If hunting cameras are already old but still reliable, it is a cheaper option to have them upgraded so they won’t miss new trends.


Hang ‘em high

Place deer camera at least 3 to 4 feet high for better effect; 5 to 7 feet high is usually better. Leave some in the mounting strap between the camera and the trees with sticks held crossways tipping the lens so it shoots are focused down on the deer. This provides a better view of the buck’s rack, and the animal would not spook from the flash.


Avoiding wildlife camera booboos

The number one booboo is placing cameras too high. Hunting cameras for photographing deer’s head on its broadside should be placed at the shoulder height at about three feet. Big bucks have strong sense of smell so avoid exposing your presence and the deer camera as well. Resist from taking leisurely walk in the woods and visiting cameras too often. Only check if conditions are perfect.


To save and economize on your precious time, do multi-tasking by scouting at the same time while you are hunting. A solution for the flash problem is to mount cameras several feet above the sight plane of the prey. This minimizes the deer’s awareness and spotting the source of the flash or affected by bright lights.


Preventing human scents from deer detection at close quarters

Trail camera mounted on higher levels also prevents sensitive smelling deer from being aware of humans nearby. With the use of tree mount model known as Trail-Pod TM-100, it allows placement of any camera easily in a matter of in couple of minutes. With a quick-detach lock for easy camera access, its plate is easily removable.


Game camera’s double job as home security

For the majority of homeowners, a trail camera is only for hunting and general wildlife photography, but they overlooked the possibility of this type of cam to aid home owners as surveillance camera. They should take advantage of using this wildlife camera as cheaper option for security.


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