Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

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It is limited in use but effective

Fire extinguishers are required by law in all public & private buildings, as well as in almost all homes. Small fire extinguisher for home-use is not adequately designed to contain huge or spreading fires. Bigger conflagrations are best left to the hands of the Fire Department.


Keep ‘em ready at all times

An extinguisher must be big enough to contain fire at hand but portable to carry around. It must always be ready, available, in working order and fully charged at all times. People around the vicinity must have working knowledge and familiar with its operation to save as many lives as possible.


Not all fire extinguishers are the same

Not all sources of fires are the same so there are 5 types of extinguishers to use. They are: Water, Foam, Dry Powder, CO2 and Wet Chemical. They differ according to the kind of fire to extinguish and when not to use. For example, Water extinguishers are used to fires due to organic materials such paper & cardboard, fabrics & textiles and wood & coal. But it must not be used for fires involving electrical equipment, kitchen fires, flammable gas & liquid, fabrics & textiles and wood & coal.


The abc fire extinguisher is great!

The abc fire extinguisher has been known for its effectiveness and versatility. It is the wisest choice for its power to put out many types of fires. Used are dry chemicals liked monoammonium phosphate is able to is able to contain quickly the fire. The pale yellow powder of this dry chemical is able to control three classes of fire; Class A due trash, wood and paper, Class B from liquids and gases, and Class C for energized electrical sources. It has the tendency to smothers the fire.


However, it leaves a residue once the fire has been put out so keep this in mind when choosing this type of extinguisher.


Portable fire extinguisher

Portable fire extinguishers are balanced fire protection plan’s essential components serving as front liners in the defense containing small fires. They are the vanguard while waiting for the Fire Department to arrive at the scene. It is estimated that 94% of the time, portable fire extinguishers are doing their duties —typically within the initial two minute.


Consider these benefits from portable fire extinguishers

Based on statistics fires extinguished at the early stage with a portable and even small fire extinguisher, there will be minimal toll of life, lesser injuries, and property damages.


In comparison with the rate of commercial occupancies, fire extinguishers that are portable are very cost effective as the cost will be lesser only amount to one cent per square foot. Portable fire extinguishers operate quickly; in less than 15 seconds, a 5Ib. fire extinguisher will discharge. The little time gives users the opportunity to decide if the fire is out or if they must evacuate the building.


Portable and small fire extinguishers safely contain fires as soon as it starts. In many instances, peoples’ injuries are more likely to happen when they used the traditional method of fighting fire with water. Every home fire extinguisher must be checked and maintained by competent fire equipment service inspectors.


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