Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

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If you are bolting inside your home on a hot, summer day, a ceiling fan is something you can count on to escape the heat. It’s a very common household appliance found in different areas of the house.


Having a bedroom ceiling fan can make your room substantially cooler since it circulates air which gets trapped at your ceiling through the rest of the area. Bedroom ceiling fan will allow you to lower or raise the thermostat a few degrees without noticing much difference in room temperature.


What’s more? Whether you want to save some bucks on your energy bills, make your room feel cooler or you simply want to accent your home with decorative modern ceiling fan, there’s a plethora of choices for you. Yes, purchasing a ceiling fan that fits your needs and style is not only beneficial for you and your family but most especially to your money.


Function and Style

In the quest for making the right choice, you are probably asking yourself this question – what are the necessary considerations I should make to make the right purchase decision? Don’t fret. Don’t be afraid. We will give the information we think are highly essential so you can create the right decision at the end of day.


Since its first development, ceiling fans haven’t deviated that much from the original concept and idea. However, the style and technology have greatly progressed in the recent years. Today, ceiling fans do not only promise function and efficiency. With modern approach, you can find ceiling fan with lights and attractive designs to blend with your home’s interior design. Ceiling fan with lights or chandelier is a prominent choice of style, luxury and function.


Fan size is important. Choosing the right size can optimize the equipment’s efficiency and make it looking perfect in your space. In order to determine the appropriate blade spans to purchase, decide where you wanted to install the fan. You don’t want an expansive blade span of 99” in a very limited space.


To help you better understand which blade span to use, here’s ceiling fan size guide for you. A ceiling with 29 inches to 36 inches is ideal for smaller spaces such as utility room and breakfast nooks with a maximum room size of 75 square feet. 42 inches to 48 inches blade span is for a 175 square feet room such as dining rooms and bedrooms. Lastly, a blade span of 52 inches to 56 inches is ideal for up to 350 square feet such as family rooms.


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