Analog-to-Digital Converter Buying Guide

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Why buy Analog to Digital converters?

In our world today, analog signals characterized most data. A microprocessor is used to manipulate the data; however, analog signals must be converted to digital signals, so that the data can be read and understood. AD converter is a device that converts analog signals into digital signals.


Restore old VCR tapes using Analog to Digital Converters

Do you have VCR tapes of a happy childhood that are now withered and crumbled, don’t throw them away as the analog to digital converter can archive them. VCR tapes can be saved as digital files on your computer after they are recorded and archived by using the digital converter. You can rescue those sweet and happy days to the analog and then to digital converter.


ADC versus DAC

Electronic equipment is frequently used in different fields such as communication, entertainment, transportation, etc. Two very important electronic components are the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The audio input equipment, such as a microphone, is converted into a digital signal by ADC that is processed by computer. Sound effects like echo may be added by the computer as well as adjusting the musical tempo and pitch. DAC does the opposite of ADC, it reverts the process of the digital signal into the analog signal used by audio output equipment such as a speaker.


Few types of ADCs:

The restive ladder of the Flash Converter has divided the reference voltage into 2N equal parts. Comparator compares each part to the signal input signal of the supplied voltage by that resistive ladder part.

From the most significant to the least significant bits are evaluated by the Successive-Approximations Register (SAR). They approach the output of digital- analog-converter (DAC) to bring them to the input voltage.

The very precise Integrating or Dual-slop slows the converters that were used counter and generate the output. The 2 phases are: (i) a certain slope has a voltage ramps up; and (ii) a different slope has a voltage ramps down.


Factors to consider before buying digital converter

The type of AD converter you choose must be available plus the cost is within your budget. Keep in mind the size that you are interfacing with. Added resolution will not help if you cannot process it.

Accuracy Different types of ADCs are better at producing more accurate results while others are faster.

Speed of an ADC, you need to look at how long it takes to do a conversion, not the clock speed.

Voltage Range – The maximum value for Vcc is 6.0V. Voltage dividers can also be used to bring the input voltage within the range of the converter

Multiplexing is needed if your project requires analog input from more than one source. It will save a lot of wiring and input pins on the FPGA.

Ease of use is also an important factor to consider. The less time you have to spend getting a digital converter to work the more time you’ll have to make your project do really cool things.


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