Aquarium Cleaner Buying Guide

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These are several cleaning instruments like the fish tank cleaner, aquarium vacuum or gravel vacuum and so on. Let’s take a look at some of them so you understand which equipment you may require.


Elastic or plastic hose

Often, there is a need for a hose to clean a dark. Having a hose that is about 8-12mm in diameter is good. It helps exhaust water and can also clean the bottom parts if any residue remains.


Mud Cleaner

This is an immaculate device that expels soil from the base. A mud cleaner can be bought at a pet store.


Windshield wiper

This tool is used for the evacuation of algae that grows on aquarium glass over time. It usually has a long handle with a single razor head that is fit into it. Using a hard form of rubber of elastic substance can avoid damage from occurring to the glass.

There are two types – one for cleaning the external areas and the other which moves internally to extract plaque. These wipers can be bought in any pet store.


Gravel vacuum

The gravel vacuum cleaner is a type of aquarium vacuum that can be used to expel unwanted debris from the gravel or other rock substances. It uses an electric engine with powerful suction in order to expel soil particles rapidly. Its movable siphon tube gives it access to different aspects of the aquarium.

Note that all of the electric parts are completely protected and submersible. These types of fish tank cleaners are easy to install with open aquariums.

Protein skimmer

The protein skimmer is a filtration device for saltwater aquariums. It is also called a foam fractionator. The skimmer is able to expel organic pollutants in the water and helps keep the water quality at top grade. They are available in stores in different sizes and styles to suit different budgets.


Aquarium filter

This type of fish tank cleaner is a basic device that is used to maintain the water. Waste that is produced by the aquatic inhabitants is harmful to their own lives. An aquarium filter will eliminate most waste products from the aquarium. It keeps the water not only clean, but also safe. They are available in all pets’ stores and are available in different budget ranges.


Aquarium air pump

This is also basic equipment that is needed to maintain an aquarium. This pump will oxygenate the water through the creation of water current. This enhances the quality of water and eliminated impurities through water circulation. It keeps the aquarium looking attractive.


Aquarium water changer

Yet another basic instrument that is used to keep the aquarium conditions under control. It is usually made from plastic and has different parts like a control valve, gravel tube, faucet connector and a water stream valve. It is found easily in the market.

We have discussed the main aquarium maintenance equipment above. However, there are numerous types of specialized equipment as well in the market. Note that using the items listed above will help you with basic fish tank maintenance.


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