Otoscope Buying Guide

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New generation Otoscopes are extremely advanced and are easy for non-medical practitioners to use as well. Integration with smart phones and intelligent video output solutions make them a lot friendlier for home use. However, please be advised that if there is a problem, it is best to consult a doctor even if your home Otoscope does not reveal anything to you. It may take a keener or more knowledgeable eye to understand things.


The simple Otoscope

Equipped with a viewfinder or true view feature, the simple Otoscope does the bare minimum to make it friendly for home use. Made of stainless steel, with disposable tips and an LED light, it is a durable and safe option for the home. The viewfinder helps look through the ear for indications of infection or any intrusive material.

It can also help to see if it is time to clear out the wax in the ear. Most Otoscopes also come with a visual description of how a normal ear looks vs one with infection and other common ear problems. These make them much more practical.

The best thing about these simple Otoscopes is that they are extremely durable, but if anything goes wrong, they can still be fixed at a very low price. Typically, a simple Otoscope will cost you between $10 and $35.


Disposable Otoscopes

Made for one-time uses, these are ideal for checking up on someone’s ears post surgery or infection. However, if you need to use these often, it is probably cheaper to just buy a simple ear scope and use it for as long as you need to. Disposable Otoscopes cost between $5 – $10, and there are simple ones available just above that range.


Video Otoscope

These are highly advanced gadgets that provide complete solutions for home use. You can connect them to your wireless internet and view through an application on your phone. This is extra useful because you can share the video feed with your doctor and avoid having to go for an unnecessary checkup.

You also get cable connected models that do not require WiFi to operate. The video feed goes straight from the endoscope to your phone through the device. It costs typically between $25 – $50 to get a video Otoscope.


Portable Otoscope kits

These are great for doctors or other healthcare specialists who have to go on the move. If you run a small clinic and need equipment for yourself or your staff, equipping them with a portable kit is a great move. Trained staff should be fine with a standard Otoscope without the need for any video output.


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