Prenatal Vitamin Buying Guide

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Key nutrients for your baby

Prenatal vitamins are giving you the required amount of these three nutrients to a pregnant woman

  • Iron: It aids in supplying oxygen through the blood of the mother.
  • Calcium: it helps in protecting the bones as the baby grows in the body.
  • Folic acid: It will assist in the development of the spinal cord and brain of the baby.

These nutrients are not supplied in the right amount through the diet. Taking them as prenatal vitamins will assure the proper supply of these nutrients in the body. Lack of folic acid can result in neural tube defects like anencephaly and Spina Bifida. Folic acid helps in reducing the risks of certain other defects too like heart defects, cleft palate, and cleft lip.


Are prenatal vitamins necessary?

It is not easy to grow a life inside a body. Therefore, to get all the nutrients is a really hard task. Even, eating a variety of food such as fruits, vegetable, legumes, dairy product and so on failed to fulfill the body requirement.

Thus, doctors prefer to take natural prenatal vitamins to make sure that an expecting mother and women who are trying to conceive get the right amount of all the nutrients for the proper development of the baby.

In fact, pregnancy vitamins are just like an insurance policy for women who have dietary restrictions, pregnancy complications, and health issues. The category include women who have

  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Certain chronic diseases
  • Eating disorder
  • Blood disorders
  • Lactose intolerant & much more

Most of the mother does not get enough nutrients from their regular diet as during the pregnancy the need for the nutrients is increased. This may result in a deficiency of nutrients like iron. This deficiency can result in low birth weight, infant mortality, and preterm delivery.


When should a pregnant woman start taking prenatal vitamins?

Start taking the prenatal multivitamin as soon as you are confirmed with your pregnancy. Even, if you are trying for conceiving, then also these vitamins are preferable. Folic acid is very important during the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, it should be started before you conceive.

Taking these vitamins before conceiving will surely help you in dealing with the morning sickness. After giving birth too, these are recommended until you are breastfeeding.


How to choose the right prenatal vitamin for you?

There are no set standards for the prenatal multivitamin. But you must opt for those which are supplying nutrients like folic acid, iron, and calcium. Your healthcare practitioner can choose for you as he will choose the most appropriate one for you.


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