Digital Photo Frame Buying Guide

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Tips to pick the perfect digital photo frame.

A professional buyer disregards low resolution device even at a lower price. When you opt for bigger frame, the cost is higher. Pick that electronic photo frame that produces top quality images with accelerometer using the frame modes as portraits or landscapes and videos. Be certain you can view photos as well as the capability of loading pictures from the Web or watching Facebook photos on the frame. It must have web-enabled features to e-mail photos to the frame and to update weather forecasts.


Big or small frame, what’s the best size to buy?

Digital picture frames have no standard size; the small sizes are about 1.5 inches and the larger ones are 19 to 32 inches. Similar to a TV or monitor, frame sizes are measured diagonally. The smallest sizes with 128 x 128 pixel resolutions are used as key chains; however, they easily fit in inside a briefcase or purse. But if size matters for you, then avail of one that fits your need.
A slide show with electronic photo frame


Like the traditional picture frame, most frames for digital picture are versatile in set-up. They can be arranged as portrait or landscape or made to stand on a table or hang on a wall. You will enhance the decoration in your living room. Similar to digital cameras, they contain built-in memory and/or a slot for memory card that elevates storage capacity based on your preference. Your picture frame is like a slide show played for you to watch all its contents.


The user-friendly digital photo frames

Electronic picture frame is user-friendly and offers more versatile features. The orientation sensor in some frames makes images rotate automatically so they appear right-side up. Others present resized automatic image making all pictures, not considering their resolution, fill the representation in the most excellent way. And there are more…some have all kinds of additional devices as a clock so you are always on time, calendar to keep that important date and alarm sentinel. This is the cyber age, follow modern trends like the many splendored digital photo frame.


Why I love electronic picture frame?

One of the nice things about digital picture frames is that one never looks like the other – their appearance is unique. Avail of a digital picture frame in authentic wood, non-corrosive metal and sturdy plastic. You have the option to choose from all colors. If you want an appearance switch, the digital frame has interchangeable mat and frame design to alter its appearance in a snap. Some frames come with clips that allow you to place an old favorite frame you over the display to complement your décor or to pair with the other frames at home.


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