Bread Box Buying Guide

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What Type of Bread Box is Best for You?

Before we start talking about what types of bread bins are available, we should probably take a moment to talk about why you need one in your kitchen. A good bread container will have a tight seal that will help keep moisture contained within the box. When your bread starts to dry out, it begins to get tough and moldy, which means you end up throwing it out and wasting the bread that you buy.


Your bread items will stay fresh longer when stored in a bread box, and they will also be kept away from insects and other pests that might make their way into your kitchen.


There are some who might think that the idea of a bread container is somewhat old-fashioned, especially when you consider that bread is stored in plastic bags intended to serve the same purpose as a box. As you know, though, plastic bags are not totally invulnerable, and the slightest little tear will let in air that will cause your bread to start drying out. The same rules apply if you lose that little plastic tag that comes with the bread, and which is used to seal the top of the bag.


The type of bread box that you choose is probably dependent upon your kitchen style. The good news here is that bread containers come in an astonishing assortment of styles, materials, and colors, making it easy to find something that suits the look of your kitchen.


Many people like to go with wooden bread containers, especially if you have a rustic kitchen style. The wood containers are a classic look that basically fit in any kitchen, and they often come with roll-up openers that make it easy to get your bread products in and out. If it’s a more modern look that you have in your kitchen, then it may well be a stainless steel bread bin that works for you. It’s a great look, as well as a perfect material to store bread in.


If you are trying to catch the old-school charm of a bread box, then you are in luck there, too. Many of the options available look like throwbacks to the 50’s and 60’s when bread containers were in every kitchen. These units tend to come in bright, bold colors that can add a splash of style to a bland kitchen space.


A Bread Box is Yours for a Small Investment

You can easily get a quality bread box for less than $20, but you can also go higher up the price chain to get one that is better suited to your specific space. They all essentially perform the same job, so there really isn’t such a thing as a bad choice.


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