Dog Toothpaste Buying Guide

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Your doggie needs dental care

To keep Fido’s mouth healthy, he needs regular brushing, proper diet and lots of chewable toys; buy a toothbrush for your dog and ask your vet to teach you the proper way to brush your dog’s teeth; if your pet is still a pup, use puppy toothpaste and start brushing as early as possible.


Gum disease among pooches tends to appear by the time they’re four years old with bad breath as first symptom of the problem. To prevent dental problem, give your dog regular home checks and follow dental health habits so you see the dazzling smile of your contented pooch.


The right tooth paste for your best friend

Never use regular human toothpaste for your dog as most human toothpastes have fluoride that is extremely toxic to dogs. To improve pup’s health, brush his teeth regularly to improve eliminate breath, but to improve a dog’s overall health as well. Most dog toothpastes generally reduce plaque and offer fresh breath but you might prefer a product that’s more focused on the particular issue affecting your pooch. You can buy find toothpaste especially formulated for dogs with different flavors at most good pet stores or purchase online.


How to brush your dog’s teeth

Start early when your dog is still a pup using puppy toothpaste. At first, your dog might not go for the tooth brushing so choose a time when your dog has had his exercise and romping around the park to his inclined to sit still for the procedure. Begin the procedure as slowly as possible and but if your dog starts getting agitated, even if the task is incomplete.

Repeat the task every day and increase the time making sure to talk soothingly and pleasantly during the session and rewarding the dog treat afterwards. After doing the brushing often, your dog will start looking forward to the event and has developed the habit of brushing.


Other options to keep dog’s teeth clean

Chewing bones and chew toys are options to keep pup’s teeth healthy and clean. Many synthetic bones of all kinds of flavor and chew toys of varied types are designed especially to strengthen your dog’s gums and teeth. Giving your dog a good bone to chew on can help get rid of buildup and keep teeth healthy and strong but it is only one of the effective options to insure good dental hygiene and overall health of your doggie.

For both humans and pets, dental care is a hassle but when properly maintained, it can save money in the long run and most is lifesaver for your pet. Neglecting the procedure can be the reason for costly and often painful visits to the vet in the near future. Many dogs had to undergo anesthesia for teeth and gum cleaning when the buildup is already advanced.

Buy a good dog toothbrush and the right toothpaste to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy so you’ll both be smiling!


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