Bed Blanket Buying Guide

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How to choose the right blanket?

It is advisable to choose the right one. When you decide to buy a blanket, you might have a thought that there is nothing to decide for it. Choosing the color and right size as per the size of the mattress is more than enough. Although it is right that selecting the blanket is quite straightforward. But it is little more than that.


Choosing the size

When you are buying a new blanket throw, you are required to buy the large enough for covering the mattress which must be an inch larger than the mattress so that it can be tucked inside. The weight of the blanket must be at least 10% of the weight of the body. Generally, the experts will tell you to choose the one which is 10% of the body weight along with plus 1 weight.

The good quality blankets will surely have a wide range of varieties in terms of the weight options. In case of a king bed, 80″x 87″ size blanket is needed, for a twin bed, 48″x 72″ is sufficient and for the queen size, one should opt for 60″ x 80″ size blanket.


Fabric of mattress

This decision is a bit trickier as one should make the decision as per his convenience. If anyone has allergy issues, in such a situation, cotton is suitable as it will be washable. Woolen blankets are heavy and offer great insulation. Synthetics blankets are also the good option.

The perfect bed throws will be sewed into the middle size compartments so that it is evenly distributed and is perfectly adapted to the individual’s body. Sometimes, to make the experience more comfortable, the compartments are often filled with the odorless, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic glass beads. It is also preferable to buy such a duvet that is removable and easy to dry-clean.


Types of Blankets

  • Comforter: It is a quilted and fluffy blanket that is generally filled with synthetic fiber.
  • Quilt: it is a kind of warm bed covering.
  • Duvet: It is like a comforter only and is a single covering.
  • Fleece: These are light weighted and the best alternative to the woolen blankets. It has soft and feather-like fabric to offer incredible warmth.
  • Throw blankets: These are smaller one and often used as decorative patterns outside of your bed. These are basically used by the kids like the comfort objects.


It does not matter what attracts you more whether they are fleece blankets or throw blankets, the thing you must consider is your need and requirement. It should be the priority. Finding a good bed blanket is more than just looking at the price tags.


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