Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

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Digital vs. Analog

It wasn’t a time too long ago when analog scales used to be the sole option for bathroom weight checks. However, today, a large number of digital scales are available on the market. Analog scales are very simple in use and are very much inexpensive. Although, digital scales offer a number of, highly advanced additional options such as recording and BMI measurement.

You can use them to calculate water weight too and some of the latest models in the market are also able to connect to your computer or smartphone and upload the recorded statistics. They are usually much more precise than the analog scales, as the average digital scale will be able to determine your precise weight within one-tenth of a pound.


If you want the most advanced and the most exact type of bathroom scale then buying a digital scale is the best way to go for you. Whereas, if you are a budget conscious person and simply looking for an easy-to-use, no-frills scale, then the analog scale will be good to work with you.



Bathroom scales can be found in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes. Since you’ll be using this equipment on a daily routine, it’s better to get something that you like when you see and that the scale also matches your home’s décor.



Where older scales used to be only able to weigh up to 300 to 350 pounds, newer models are able to measure weights up to as high as 550 pounds. When buying a scale, always opt for a model that fits your required weight range.



The wider the platform will be the easier it will be to stand on, especially for people who have somewhat larger feet or any mobility issues. You should probably look for a bathroom scale which has a platform of 12 inches or more. But it is to be kept in mind that a scale with a wider platform will take up more floor real estate, as this can appear to be an issue in a smaller sized bathroom.



Displaying accurate results is no doubt the most important feature of a scale. As long as they have juiced up batteries, the digital scales are very likely to be highly accurate with the readings. Although, mechanical scales usually appear to become inaccurate over the course of time as their springs start to wear out.


To check the accuracy of your scale, you can try weighing something which has a known weight, like a 5-pound bag of flour.


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