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Whether you buy it at the local grocery store or make it yourself, chances are that bread is a staple in your kitchen. It can get a little pricy to continually buy new bread every couple of days because it goes moldy, which is why a good bread box should be on your kitchen counter.  

We announce latest rankings of best Bread Box. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for best choice! 

Greenco GRC0104-B Bread Bin
Greenco GRC0104-B Bread Box is made to store 2 loaves of bread or many rolls and buns and keep them fresh for a longer period of time. It beautifully compliments any kitchen decor and counter top.
  • Small holes at back allows air to circulate to prevent mold.
  • Made of high quality 18/0 stainless steel with black plastic frame.
  • Door smoothly slides open and closed.
Greenco GRC0104-B Bread Box
85 /100

Progressive GBK-8 Adjustable Bread Keeper
Keep bread, bagels, muffins, and other baked good fresh longer with this innovative adjustable bread keeper from Progressive International, which expands up to 11 inches to fit the size of your bread products.
  • Adjustable vent regulates air flow.
  • Durable polypropylene cutting board.
  • Dishwasher safe.
Progressive GBK-8
86 /100

Oggi 7199 Roll Top Bread Bin
Oggi 7199 Roll Top Bread Box is made of heavy duty stainless steel. It is not only attractive, but it is also practical. It stores bread or a variety of dinner rolls, bagels, and muffins.
  • Tempered glass roll top.
  • Rubber feet protect countertops.
  • Bread Box
Oggi 7199
88 /100

LOCK & LOCK HPL849 Food Storage Container
With its patented technology of a ‘blocking hole’, Lock & Lock assures excellent durability that guarantees more than one million times of opening and closing of this bread box. It uses superior raw materials with durability and heat-resistance.
  • Airtight.
  • Watertight.
  • Freezer safe.
LOCK & LOCK HPL849 bread container
89 /100

Culinary Couture COMIN18JU030180 Bread Bin
This large bread bin is made of power coated stainless steel, with a polished finish that looks just great. This bread box will never rust, corrode or lose its shine. It is made to last for years.
  • Keep your bread fresh longer.
  • Great design.
  • Free ebook included.
Culinary Couture COMIN18JU030180
89 /100

Home Basics BB44456 Metal Bread Bin
Keep your bread fresh and organized with this bread box. It is spacious enough to fit multiple bread items. It has vivid color that draws attention to your kitchen or counter top.
  • Lid with a convenient handle.
  • Simple design.
  • Made from durable powder coated steel.
Home Basics BB44456
90 /100

All-Green Vintage Bread Box
This sleek, turquoise bread box for the kitchen allows air circulation to keep bread and pastry fresh longer. It has roomy, 16” x 9” x 6.5” interior, curved sides and a simple chrome handle. It is manufactured of old-rolled steel (0.5mm).
  • Cleans up easily.
  • Free butter dish.
  • Small, concealed holes allow air circulation.
All-Green Vintage Bread Box bread holder
91 /100

Brabantia 299186 Fall Front Bread Bin
This bread box has been designed to sit beautifully on kitchen work surfaces. With a practical flat top for vital extra storage space, the on-trend fingerprint proof steel finish compliments any decor while making sure your bread stays fresh for longer.
  • Sleek & clever design.
  • Tough & practical.
  • Generous capacity.
Brabantia 299186
92 /100

Home-it SYNCHKG043638 Bread Bin
This bread bin is made of of brushed stainless steel. The stainless steel sleek style makes an attractive addition to any kitchen counter and complements the rest of the stainless steel kitchenwares.
  • Swing down door opens and closes smoothly.
  • Cool, dark interior keeps bread and baked goods fresh.
  • Large capacity.
Home-it SYNCHKG043638 bread bin
94 /100

Juvale COMINHKPR89143 Vintage Bread Bin
With its Bold and vibrant color, this bread box provides a striking image that catches the eye perfect in any kitchen and on any counter. Fill it with your favorite treats and breads or use it simply as an extra storage container.
  • Designed with small holes that allows air circulation to further keep bread fresh.
  • Easy to open hinged lid.
  • Constructed of smooth and durable steel.
Juvale COMINHKPR89143 Bread Box
95 /100
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Bread Box Buying Guide

 What Type of Bread Box is Best for You?

Before we start talking about what types of bread bins are available, we should probably take a moment to talk about why you need one in your kitchen. A good bread container will have a tight seal that will help keep moisture contained within the box. When your bread starts to dry out, it begins to get tough and moldy, which means you end up throwing it out and wasting the bread that you buy.