Coffee Machine Cleaner Buying Guide

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Coffee machines which are used daily will develop clogs and this could make the entire system fail. Unclean coffee machines produce sour and odd tasting coffee that will not go down easily or satisfyingly.

This is why it’s important to know how to clean a keurig coffee machine if you’re going to be using one. Here’s how you can keep a clean coffee maker at all times.


Descaling Process

To maintain a clean coffee maker, all you need is some vinegar. But if you want to do some serious declogging, it is better to have a descaling solution on hand. Descaling solutions are the only keurig-approved solution by brewers for cleaning their machines.


Gather the ingredients

  • Soap
  • Descaling solution or white vinegar
  • Water
  • 1 clean and dry cloth.


Unplug and disassemble

First, make sure the machine in unplugged. This is very important and we often forget about this. Remove the water reservoir, the lid, mug stand and the K-cup holder.


Wash and Wipe

Wash all of the removed parts using soapy and warm water. Dry them off immediately. Now, wipe the surface of the machine with a clean and dry cloth. You can dampen it slightly if needed. Don’t leave out the area by the coffee pod holder. Coffee or tea granules may collect here.

Once this is complete, return the removal parts to the machine and plug it in.


Use vinegar or descaling solution

You need to remove lime and scale build-up. This process is called descaling. Fill the water halfway with the descaling solution of vinegar. Add water now the rest of the way.


Run the machine

Now, start the brewing cycle but don’t insert a K-cup. Repeat this process until the reservoir is completely empty. Get rid of the mug contents after each cycle of brewing. This is the process that can help you remove scale and lime build-up.

Keurig recommends that you descale the brewer once every three to six months based on the water source you use. Repeat the process to remove any vinegar taste that may remain. You can now brew a cup of coffee!


Other tips on how to clean a Keurig

The Keurig website does not recommend using distilled or softened water. Bottled or spring water will work best. Make sure you try to clean both entry and exit needles when the system isn’t working properly. Forced air through a straw will dislodge any debris. Make sure you find out which descaling solution will work best for your keurig.

Cleaning your Keurig is very important if you want to enjoy good quality coffee on a regular basis. True coffee lovers who make their own coffee at home diligently follow the steps to maintain their coffee machines and you should do the same.


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