3D TV Buying Guide

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    How do you go about in buying 3D TV? It’s not as easy as picking needles from the haystack. Yet, you must learn the good points and end up bringing home the best 3D television. Which model should you buy? Prices differ widely for television units with the same dimensions. There’s also plenty of technical terminologies and sometimes confusing information that sellers use. Hence, it’s necessary to go slow and understand all of these claims. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from retailers so you’re able to digest everything before making a purchase.


This east to comprehend guide for choosing and purchasing 3D TV is meant to assist buyers in knowing what to buy and what not to buy. Here are the fundamental rules:


Disregard Most Specifications

3D TV specs are intended to confuse rather than educate potential customers so you end up walking away from the shop after being flooded with bewildering details. In many cases, this is a sales technique to convince you in getting the more expensive model. The only useful figures can be seen below Inputs and Weight measurements. So, it’s better if you pay no attention to the specs sheet. It may help only in trying to make a distinction between features like if it is High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Smart TV capacity but definitely not for performance and quality.


Go for BIG

The 40-inch 3D TV is perfect for your bedroom while 55 inches for the living area. Of course, it’s better if the main television is 65 inches or bigger. It does not mean smaller TVs are not worth your money but many people choose the BIG ones. Large 3D TV is ideal if you want to have an entertainment showcase in your music or family room.


Check Resolution

Choose 3D TV sets with Ultra High Definition (4K resolution). This has 4X as many pixels compared to the ordinary 1080p resolution. Pixel per centimeter or pixel per inch is the dimension of pixel density specifically for electronic devices and equipment. Even then, it’s not quite easy to figure out the difference between the HDTV and 4K television.


Sound Bar

The classiest and very costly 3D TV still has weaknesses. And, one of them is inferior sound quality. This is the result of slim design of horizontal panels which cannot accommodate the big and booming speakers which produce solid sounds. There are several options for you such as using Bluetooth headphones, get a surround sound system, or but a sound bar. The latter is more preferred because you can get one for only $300 or lower. Sound bas enhance the cinema experience of viewers. Besides, this can be installed within a few minutes. The device can easily fit underneath the TV stand.


So, you’re good to go! Start looking for a retail outlet or online store that advertises 3D TV products.


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