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Atomic clock is designed to give precise measurement of time through the oscillations of atoms that work like the pendulum of grandfather clock. The natural atomic oscillation is what makes atomic clock give an accurate measurement of time because it has a higher frequency and more stable compared to conventional clocks.

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Sangean RCR-2 AM/FM Radio
Sangean RCR-2 AM/FM Radio Atomic Clock combines the best alarm clock functions with convenient footprint design and Sangean radio technology. It is a radio-controlled clock available for DCF/WWVB/MSF/JJY functions.
  • 14 memory preset stations (7 FM, 7 AM).
  • HWS (Humane Wake System) buzzer.
  • Weekday selection and time zone selector switch.
Sangean RCR-2 Atomic Clock
Seiko QHR015SLH
Seiko QHR015SLH Atomic Clock is a high-tech convenient and functional bedside alarm clock or office desk clock. It is super accurate because it automatically synchronizes by radio with the US atomic clock.
  • Ascending beep alarm with snooze.
  • Automatic calendar.
  • Large, expressive digital-gray face.
Seiko QHR015SLH
La Crosse WS-8157U CH IT
Have all your weather in view with its self-setting time & automatic DST change with a Weather Forecast features. It catches your eye with its 3 different weather icons: sun, sun/clouds, clouds/rain, and pressure tendency arrows.
  • Self setting Atomic time & date.
  • Wireless outdoor temperature.
  • Low battery indicators.
La Crosse WS-8157U-CH-IT
La Crosse WS-8117U IT AL
La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Clock automatically sets the time to user defined time zone (25 zones from 0 GMT to +/-12) and current date. It resets itself for Daylight saving time. It featureas 12 Moon phase icons & a perpetual calendar.
  • Wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperature.
  • Brushed-aluminum atomic wall clock with time, date, and temperature functions.
  • Radio-calibrated for accuracy to within 1 second.
La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL
AcuRite 75077
AcuRite 75077 Atomic Clock combines the latest methodology in weather prediction modeling with the related effects of current localized weather observations to provide a reliable, accurate forecast of weather conditions personalized for your exact location.
  • Jumbo display screen.
  • Easy to install.
  • Outdoor and indoor temperature.
AcuRite 75077
La Crosse WT-3102B Wall
La Crosse WT-3102B Wall Atomic Clock is an analog clock for precise time in the home or office. It has a manual reset button and adjust automatically for daylight savings time. Its flat lens covers clock face from dust and debris.
  • Clock resets regularly by radio-control to match the US Atomic Clock in Colorado.
  • Frame features chrome-colored finish with black inner trim.
  • Users select from 4 time zone setting buttons on the reverse for area time.
La Crosse WT-3102B
La Crosse WT-3143A-INT
This plastic-framed wall clock measures 14 inches in diameter and looks most at home hanging in an office or business setting. However, this clock’s claim to fame is its precision time-keeping and the fact that it never needs to be set.
  • Daylight saving time automatic reset.
  • US time zones.
  • Reports in hours, minutes, seconds.
La Crosse WT-3143A-INT
La Crosse WT-3102S
Keep the perfect, most accurate time with this stylish 10 inch atomic wall clock. It uses one AA battery and is very simple to use - simply insert the battery and press your time zone button, then hang on the wall.
  • Automatically sets to exact time.
  • Accurate to the second.
  • Atomic time with manual setting option.
La Crosse WT-3102S
La Crosse WT-3181PL
Keep track of time with the utmost precision while working in the garden, splashing in the pool, or barbecuing on the patio with this 18-inch outdoor atomic wall clock. It is radio-controlled by the national atomic clock in Colorado.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Temperature & Humidity display.
  • 4 time zone settings.
La Crosse WT-3181PL-INT
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 Accurate Timekeeping

Satellite navigation systems such as GPS rely on accurate time measurements in order to give precise calculations of positions. Atomic clocks give more precise time measurement than the conventional timekeeping devices through the oscillating mass and spring.