Jar Opener Buying Guide

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Food packaging usually comes with very tight jar lids. This is to ensure that the food is safely preserved. Opening up a jar or a bottle that is packed tightly by the manufacturer cannot be done so with our bare hands. You can end up straining your wrist and increase the level of risk for developing carpal tunnel.

You need to know the types of jar openers to select one that suits your needs. The market today accommodates two main types of jar openers – the manual and the electric. These two can further be divided into subcategories.


Manual jar openers

There are many types of manual jar openers based on the grip, leverage or both factors combined. Some of the common types are grippers, loop wrench, handheld jar openers, under cabinet jar openers. There is also a cone-shaped rubber gripper which is great for opening up the lids of small jars.



These are generally considered to be the simplest manual jar openers. They can be made of rubber or silicon and vary in shape and thickness. The rubber jar opener is quite common to see. However, the primary function remains the same. You get a good grip over the lid and you can easily unscrew it. Grippers work best for larger lids.

A gripper can also be placed under a jar if you wish to prevent it from sliding over the counter. You can also grasp the side of the jar with a thin gripper if your hand needs assistance in holding the jar. Lightweight grippers are handy as they can even be packed easily for a trip.


The lever

This is a simple yet functional jar opener. This device will pry off the lid to break the vacuum seal of the jar. But this only works for glass vacuum sealed jars.


Under the cabinet jar openers

They help you to use both of your hands to open a jar, although this isn’t required. These don’t cost a lot and they don’t take up much space either. The under the cabinet jar opener provides superior grip and never fails to open up a jar.


Electric jar openers

The electric jar opener will let you open a jar at the mere push of a button. They can be corded or battery operated. If you have weak hands, this is the best option for you. Those suffering from arthritis should definitely invest in these for safer use.

They can open up any kind of jar that is up to 4 inches wide and about 8 inches tall without much effort and time. This is a really good gift for a loved one who is aging and needs help in the kitchen.


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