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Scientific calculators are electronic calculators that are designed to solve and calculate complex mathematical, engineering and science problems. A scientific calculator is popularly used in both professional and education settings. They are equipping with advanced features beyond the basic functions of traditional calculators.

We announce latest rankings of best Scientific Calculators. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Scientific Calculators Buying Guide also.

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Casio FX-991ESPLUS
Casio FX-991ESPLUS Scientific Calculator is suitable for Cambridge International Examinations GCSE, AS & A Level. It has 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display, multi-replay, list based STAT-data editor features. It has plastic keys designed and engineered for easy operation.
  • Natural textbook display.
  • 417 number of function.
  • Two way power (solar + battery)
Casio FX-991ESPLUS-SA-UH Scientific Calculators
Casio FX-115ES Advanced
Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific calculator is xtremely versatile, and can be used in courses ranging from basic pre-algebra to calculus, and also has applications in physics, engineering, biology and statistics. It has Solar Plus power with battery back-up.
  • Slide-off protective hard case.
  • 279 functions, including 40 metric conversions.
  • 2-line, 12-digit Natural Textbook display.
Casio FX115ES
Texas Instruments TI-30Xa
Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator is high-functioning calculator that can perform algebraic, trigonometric, and statistical problems in addition to general mathematical tasks. It is extremely handy when it comes to figuring tricky fractions.
  • One-line, 10-digit display.
  • One-variable statistics.
  • Conversions.
Texas Instruments TI30XA
Casio FX-300MS
Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator features a two-line display and supports complex number calculations, algebra, calculus, and 18 levels of parentheses. Always powered up, it's just as useful in a household or office for all your calculating needs.
  • 9 variable memories.
  • Comes with slide-on hard case.
  • Multi-replay function.
Casio FX300MS
Casio fx-300ES PLUS
Casio fx-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator's large screen and patented Natural Display is a perfect choice for middle through high school students in Mathematics and Physics! It is approved for use on SAT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT, and ACT exams. It is packed with over 200 features and calculations.
  • Repeating decimal display.
  • Prime factorization.
  • 9 Constant Memory locations.
Casio FX300ES Plus-PK
Texas Instruments TI-30X
Texas Instruments TI-30X Scientific Calculator is a robust, professional grade calculator and allows review of previous entries to look for patterns. It is ideal for general math, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and science.
  • 2-line display shows entry and calculated result at same time.
  • Edit, cut, and paste entries.
  • One- and two-variable statistics.
Texas Instruments 30XIIS/TBL/1L1
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Scientific Calculator's expanded graphing technology performance comes preloaded with more than a dozen applications, including functionality that encourages exploration of interactive geometry, inequality graphing and real-world data collection and analysis.
  • Displays graphs and evaluates tables on a split screen.
  • For use on the PSAT*, SAT*, and ACT college entrance exams, IB* and AP* tests.
  • Free online product tutorials, webinars and college exam prep resources.
Texas Instruments MAIN-91785
Casio fx-115ES PLUS
Casio fx-115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator is an extremely versatile and the perfect choice for high school and college students alike with Natural Display and enhanced features like displaying root forms of equations, finding derivatives, product notation templates, and advanced inequality functionality.
  • Table function.
  • Matrix and vector calculations.
  • List-based STAT data editor.
Casio FX-115ES Plus
Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro
Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator packs a lot of punch in a small, inexpensive unit and is ideal for students at every level, from junior high school algebra to college calculus. This solar-powered calculator combines features for statistical analysis, Boolean logic operations, and unit conversions in one sleek package.
  • Convert fractions, decimals and terms including Pi into alternate representations.
  • MultiView™ display shows multiple calculations at the same time on screen.
  • MathPrint™ shows math expressions & stacked fractions as they appear in textbooks.
Texas Instruments 36PRO/TBL/1L1
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Scientific Calculators Buying Guide

 Scientific Calculators for Engineering, Math and Science

Scientific calculators are widely used by engineers, teachers and students to solve complex problems in science, engineering and mathematics. Unlike the traditional models, scientific calculators are integrated with advanced functions beyond the basic mathematical functions such addition, division, multiplication and subtraction. In scientific calculators, you can see additional and special buttons that will enable you to work with different kinds of problems