Atomic Clock Buying Guide

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Accurate Timekeeping

Satellite navigation systems such as GPS rely on accurate time measurements in order to give precise calculations of positions. Atomic clocks give more precise time measurement than the conventional timekeeping devices through the oscillating mass and spring.


The most precise atomic clocks in the market today are using normal magnetic detectors and cesium atom. You can find several types of atomic clocks including cesium, rubidium and hydrogen atomic clock.


The history of atomic clock can be traced back in 1945 when Isidor Rabi, Columbia University professor suggested that a timekeeping device could be developed from atomic beams magnetic resonance. The world’s very first atomic clock was officially announced by NIST or National Institute of Standards and Technology in the year 1949.


Reliability and Value

Meanwhile, the very first commercial atomic clocks were using cesium atoms and produced by the National Company in Massachusetts. Nowadays, commercial atomic clocks are highly produced by leading manufacturers such as FTS, Hewlett Packard and Frequency Electronics. The newest technologies continuously improve its performance.


Atomic wall clocks are highly available for office and home use. When it comes to choosing an atomic clock to purchase, you’ll have a plethora of options from designs, sizes and added features to suit personal style and home decoration. In order to find the right atomic clock despite the overwhelming options available, here are few tips that may guide you so you can an informed decision.


Whether you’re shopping online or in your local retail store, make sure to ask for accurate product information and read the details before making a purchase. By reading comprehensive details of the product, you will be able to know the overall features and primary materials used in the product. Make reading the product details a habit especially if you’re shopping online when you cannot actually see and personally evaluate the atomic clock.


Sophisticated Features and Technology

When choosing an atomic clock, choose the one that’s appropriate for your needs and setting. Some manufacturers produce atomic clocks with indoor or outdoor temperature encased in sleek designs to incorporate with your home decorations. There are also atomic clocks made with wooded frame adding sophistication to a high technology product. Manufacturers have also produced atomic clocks that are designed with reliability with outdoor temperature and attractive design in metal or plastic construction. They also feature high time digits and large displays so you can tell the time in one glance. High-end atomic clocks are comprise with more advanced features  that give great value to your money such as self setting technology, auto updating features for daylight savings. Before hitting the purchase button, you may want to make sure your atomic clock has efficient design which makes it easy and totally fun to view.


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