4k TV Buying Guide

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If you are looking forward to buying the 4K HD TV here is the list of things that you need to consider.


Ensure that it is a 4K TV

The moment that you will visit the store, you will be presented with many varieties of 4k television to select from. Apart from the extraordinary resolution, you have to keep in mind that the television will provide you with 8 million pixels. As soon as the screen gets larger the image will get crisper


The TV should be compatible with the PlayStation 4 games that have been developed for the 4K TV. You can check the set by playing the YouTube content that has 4K resolution. Many 4K and 1080 pixel television sets are marketed as the same thing. So you have to check everything before you finalize the deal.


Accept nothing less than UHD Premium

Recently the 4K TV has been developed with the UHD premium technology. You have to accept the latest model because the previous ones will not provide you with the following features.


  • The color depth of the television should be 10-bit or more for the perfect display. So that you will get all 1024 shades
  • The display should make the white more pronounced and black should appear darker with minimum brightness technology
  • The set should have the capability to display 90 percent of the color gamut
  • The high dynamic range should be enabled


Ensure that it has HDR technology

The best thing about the High Dynamic Range is that it will make the image on your TV screen look amazing and you will find it hard to believe your eye. The richness of the colors that you will get with the HDR technology is not available in any other TV set. Before buying the 4K TV you have to be completely assured that it has the HDR technology.


Type of HDR

One of the most important things to consider while buying the 4K TV is the type of HDT it has been built with. Presently, there are two types of HDR technologies that you will find in the market. They are HDR10 and the Dolby Vision.


It is hard to say that which one of them is better because both will provide you with the same features. However, the Dolby vision requires the installation of a chip while the HDR10 is simply built-in. so it is important that you select the one that will meet your requirements perfectly.



Recently, there is a war between the LED and the OLED technology. Most of the TV sets that you will come across have the back-lit LED manufacturing. However, if you are looking for a more costly option than OLED will be perfect for you. It will light up every pixel of the television to provide you a better display.


Make sure that you check every single aspect of the 4K TV before you buy it. As you never know that, you might return home with a 1080 pixel television.


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