Jump Starter Buying Guide

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Why you need a jump starter?

Owning jump start car ensures that your vehicle will always be on the move; simply attach the device to your car battery and go. It is actually a lifesaver on the road it saves you from spending money paying a tow and its price is relatively affordable to purchase as well and in times when the battery of your car is fully dead, you need to give it power or apply just a little charge, and thankfully, many car jump starters, as well as, battery jump starter, can help with that too.


Jump starter types

A plug-in jump starter & charger come with different amperages, mostly between 2 and 10. It is better for the life of the battery to charge it with lower amperage, but the time required for the process would be much longer.

Box jumps & portable power pack are perfectly sealed free batteries that don’t require any maintenance. They have a set of jumper cables attached to them, and all this is stored in a plastic pack and since they are quite convenient as portable jump starter.

Having both is the best but if having both is unaffordable at the current moment, then the portable jump starter might be more useful for you.


Before the purchase, consider these key factors

You have to consider the type you want, your budget and the size. To be able to effectively jump start your vehicle, look at the specifications for charging to select one with enough amps to jump start effectively your vehicle. You have to consider all the safeguards that are included with your jump starter. For instance, a number of jump starters will actually sound an alarm or the power are turned off if the cables are incorrectly connected the cables.


Whoever is using the jump start car ultimately discovers the safety features found in the device. Another factor to look for is the warranty given in its use as most jump starters will come with some kind of warranty, but if you want to be carefully read the fine print before you buy.


Look for these features that you are considering.

Features like LED lighting, charge indicators and USB plugs that allow you to charge your phone, tablet or other devices are all extremely useful. Some chargers also have air compressors that you can use to inflate your vehicle tires as well Safety and convenience – should be taken into consideration when choosing a jump starter.


The bottom line here is that there are lots of things to look at when buying a jump starter or a battery jump starter and just like with anything else, you have to be careful and vigilant in researching the product before you buy. Luckily, the internet has made this very easy, and allows you to quickly compare two or more box jumps.


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