Dry Dog Food Buying Guide

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Proper food choice for your best friend

Made of feed grade or animal grade ingredients, commercial dog food comes in either a dry form, also known in the US as kibble or wet, canned form. Dog food of the canned variety has 60–90% of moisture while dehydrated dog food contains 6–10% moisture by volume.

The perfect dog food has higher protein content, lower in carbs, and high-quality meats that are so appetizing for your dog to ask for second serving. It has no toxic ingredients like grapes and garlic and meat contents are whole protein like chicken, salmon and venison as first ingredient. It is free from any artificial additives, such as preservatives, colors, and flavors, are very common in dog food formulas.


10% rule for treats and snacks

Just like humans, dogs also take snacks and love food treats so they have health risks from many calories contain in their treats. Pet owners must remember that dog treats and snacks should only make up 10% of a dog’s daily calories.

To know more about the many treats available in market and what the best is, inquire from a veterinarian. Their recommendation is important as it is based on your dog weight, and how active he is.


Best treats for dogs

Try offering veggies and fruits instead of store-bought treats that are high in fat, sugar and often preservatives. Give them a baby carrot, a green bean, some broccoli that have virtually no calories, and eliminate those meaty and fatty for dogs do not look for this variety. Dogs are open to all foods, potentially and you can make veggies an attractive and healthy snack option for your dog.

Instead of providing your furry pet with a treat, take him for a troll in the park or teach them new tricks since your dog wants your attention even more than he wants a snack.


Proper dog treats

Dog treats should be easy on their teeth so do not buy anything that’s hard, like bones, antlers, or hooves. Rawhide is the exception because as dog chews on it, it becomes soft. But keep watching your dog while gnawing on rawhide treat as it is likely break into tiny pieces and gets lodged in dog’s throat.

It is better to throw in your garbage bin when it gets smaller. Know what is healthy for your dogs by asking your vet as he is the best authority.


Dry Dog Food

In a perfect world, dogs eat delicious home cooked meals at the dinner table every with the family but it is not feasible. First of all, the nutritional needs of your four legged friends are so very different from yours. Dry dog food includes kibble, along with freeze dried dog food as staple that keeps for an extended period of time making it easy for pet parents to keep a supply and have ingredients ready for the times ahead.

Buy the best type of dry dog food and freeze dried dog food for your pets to be healthy and happy with top rated nutrition!


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