Wireless Phone Charger Buying Guide

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Why you need wireless

The ability to charge your phone wirelessly with a cordless phone charger saves a lot of you time and energy, since you never have to un-entangle any wires. All you have to do is fix your smartphone on to the top of the wireless charging pad.Then electricity flows right through it from the grid into your devices. Wireless charging technology has been around since 2015.

All of this will make a big difference in the efficiency of your new power system. There are some key factors to consider before investing in a cordless phone charger.


Qi-certified wireless phone charger

If you’re looking for Qi-certified wireless phone charger then you should certainly check whether it is compatible with both iphone and android devices. The devices cost between $12.50 and can go up to $20 and requires no AC adapter and come in disc or rectangular shapes. Some devices give you a standing dock, while others require your phone to be placed flat on the charger.

The device comes with features like temperature control technology, surge protection and short-circuit prevention among other benefits. It is recommended to not use a phone case while charging with the device. It also comes with sleep-friendly mode, most brands will have warranty.



Power compatibility is step one in the process of selection your wireless charger. Always make sure that the model of the smartphone is compatible with the cordless phone charger. The wireless charger has technology that can stand up to 15 watts of power transfer through induction.

As of today, the fastest wireless chargers usually handle about 10 watts. This should take about three hours in total. But the time taken can vary from phone to phone. The wireless nature of the charger allows you to easily plug and unplug your charger. This makes it perfect for charging your phone as you are heading out the door



There are two popular designs of wireless chargers. The first kind is a wireless charging pad that can be set down flat on a desk. The second is a stand that holds the phone in a semi-upright angle. Ultimately, the style you pick depends entirely on your personal preference. But you must consider the location of the charging station.

The style is especially important considering how you use your phone when you are half asleep. For some people the standing dock allows them to use the phone while it is still in charge, which can make it easy to see the time and the battery levels.


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