Wine Cooler Buying Guide

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Wine cellar is home for wines

The ideal place to keep barrels or bottles of wine is in a wine cellar. There are 3 kinds of wine cellars: active, passive or above ground. Using a climate system, active wine cellar maintains the right temperature and humidity. The built underground passive wine cellars go a long way to lower the effects of changing temperatures. Called a wine room in many homes, aboveground wine cellar is the place for keeping wines.


Handy wine chillers

Give adequate period giving time for wine to chill inside the fridge or keep or store in a wine cooler. But for lack of time, it’s good to have a rapid wine chiller on hand to get the job done. You can purchase an electronic chiller that takes only 5 minutes to cool a bottle. A cooling stick is another alternative to reduce wine temperature from the inside out.


Listen to advices when cooling your wine

Freezing in the wine fridge is never done for your drink. It is not possible to chill wine evenly due to the fact that the freezing point of alcohol and water are different temperature. It will likely affect its suave flavor and bottles might even explode.


Although, certain reds are benefitted by slight chill; a cool room with temp of about 58-65 degrees is ideal for medium to full-bodied reds. Fifty to 55 degrees are appropriate for light bodied wines or wine made from thin-skinned grape varieties. At optimal temperature, enjoy your wine and get the most flavors out of them when the wine is inside the chiller a few minutes.


Recycling leftover wine

Do not throw or save your leftover wine. Make your own wine vinegar. At the onset, you need a full bottle but later an occasional splash of left over wine from the bottom of the bottle is all that’s needed. Your leftover wine can create yummy desserts as delicious marinades, salad dressings, wine jelly and so many other things.


Buy the best wine chiller

Mark the following as best wine chiller to buy. Single zone cooling wine refrigerators have a single cooling area and one temperature control. This is a perfect starter for red or white wine drinks. Dual zone wine coolers are perfect for people with a growing collection and do not have the proper wine cellar to place them. Although it is a little more expensive, but its cost is still competitive.


Built-in-wine coolers give proper ventilation can complement perfectly with the cabinets in your kitchen or another wine refrigerator. Best wine coolers will not only chill bottles fastest, but can maintain the most consistent temperature, making it most serviceable in your home. It will get the approval of design purists or anyone who wants to achieve a touch of sophistication in one’s bar or kitchen.


It is best to opt for a small single zone unit. They are more cost effective and not as expensive as buying a wine fridge. Determine if you take serious responsibility about cooling wine appropriately. As soon as you have selected the type of wine coolers, you can read top rated wine cooler reviews.


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