Mens Suspenders Buying Guide

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There are a lot of different kinds of suspenders out there. From low cost synthetic material suspenders to high end leather suspenders that give that extra classy look, there’s something for everyone. You can pick from a variety of types, designs and materials to suit your look.


Suspender Types

You can find mens braces for both the shirt and the pant. For the pant, the suspenders come primarily in two varieties, the X-back and the Y-back. This refers to the way the suspender looks from the back. Traditionally, Y-back suspenders are the more common among mens braces, but the X back has become a more modern option.

The suspenders clip onto the pant and go over the shoulder to provide a strong support for the pants. This makes it easier for a person in formals to be more active during the day, since their stomachs aren’t constricted.

Mens braces for shirts are called garter straps. These are placed around the thigh and clipped on to the shirt so that the shirt doesn’t unravel from its tucked in position. These come in different shapes too, with a trident, Y shape and neat parallel straps to hold the shirt in place.


Clip Types

There are two well known ways to pin the suspender onto the pants. One is to clip it on using strong clips on the suspender. The other is to sew buttons onto the inside of your pant and use button suspenders to do the job. Because of the unique attachment method, there are a lot of different style options available among button suspenders.

One other reason to go with button suspenders is to maintain the integrity of the pant, which can get damaged over time if you use a strong clip.



With mixes of fabric, leather and other synthetic materials, there are a multitude of design options available, especially in leather suspenders. Using leather at the joints and fabric for the straps is a tried and tested design that has been around for years.

The use of fabric also allows for playing around with color and prints. You can choose suspenders for work, relaxation or just for the fun of dressing yourself up.



Depending on how long you will be wearing the suspenders on a daily basis, you need to consider the fabric. Something that is abrasive or hard will provide durability, but if you are not careful, it may be too rough on your skin. Softer fabrics may not last as long, but they are likely to be comfortable and more attuned to your body. Leather products can generate a lot of heat, so if you are not in cold climatic conditions, it may become difficult to wear over time.


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